The Power of Self-Amplifying Feedback Loops (SAFLs)

The Power of Self-Amplifying Feedback Loops (SAFLs) “The rich get richer and the poor get poorer.” Why? Because of Self-Amplifying Feedback Loops (SAFLs) What is a SAFL? A SAFL is a term used to describe a feedback loop where you either have positive or negative momentum. A positive SAFL means you have great momentum in… Read More

Being Nice VS Being Authentic

Being Nice VS Being Authentic We have this massive disease in society. It’s called being nice. Most people are too nice in this day and age, they are afraid to hurt feelings and have this thing called a conscience when it comes to hurting other people’s feelings. But guess what? You are NOT responsible for… Read More

How I Beat the Worst Depression of My Life in 2015

Back in 2015 I was doing all the right things, I was hitting the gym, playing great hockey and such – but I wasn’t working as an employee or an entrepreneur. And I lost hope in my career potential. It was also October and the weather was getting colder. Not a good combination. For a… Read More

I’ll Never Be A Big Spender – Even When I Get Rich

I think money gives you the capacity to fully express who you are. When you have money you can express yourself, a lot of people with 100K jobs get the big mortgage, fancy car, and fancy restaurants. That’s an expression of who those people are. But a fancy lifestyle is not an expression of who… Read More

A Few Quotes On the Afterlife by Angus Baynham-McColl

“If the mind can be awake while the body is asleep than surely the soul can be alive when the body is dead.” – Angus Baynham-McColl “If going to sleep and dreaming is like a mini-death, then dying must be like a MEGA-DREAM!” – Angus Baynham-McColl “In the afterlife we move into a reality that… Read More

Is Life Real or Is Life A Dream?

A lot of philosophical people ask this question, Are we in a real universe – or are we in a dream? Let’s first examine the nature of the objective physical universe. In my opinion the physical universe is a life form. Before the Big Bang there was a singularity which I call “the seed.” Over… Read More

18 Reasons I’m Hitting The Gym Daily

Today I worked out for the 18th time in 17 days – without further delay, here are 18 reasons why! The Gym Builds Character When you hit the gym your level of self-discipline increases and you feel better about yourself, the gym is a great way to build character and become a real man! The… Read More

Are Attachments Bad?

Attachments Give Life Meaning! In spiritual circles we often hear people say that “attachments are bad.” Or, “Attachments create suffering.” These spiritually inclined people are right in the sense that attachments create suffering but they are wrong in saying that attachments are bad. “Attachments not only lead to our greatest suffering, but they also lead… Read More

God or Evolution

Did God create us, or did evolution create us? Evolution is an intrinsic aspect of the universe, scientists have figured out that the Big Bang – or Moment Zero started the universe – it’s my feeling that this universe is an improved version of a previous universe. This universe grew out of the Big Bang… Read More