Is The Law of Attraction Bullshit?

The Law of Attraction is a theory that states the following;

“Your life becomes what you think.”

But does it?

The answer is this,

“You don’t become what you think about, you become what you obsess about.”

When you are obsessed with your goal, that’s when you know you will be successful.

How did I amass 100 career points in competitive Ball Hockey in 5 years of play and 172 games?

It’s because of 2 reasons,

I stuck with it!


I was fucking obsessed!

Why am I making massive progress in the gym and going for the 5th time in 7 days?

Because I’m obsessed!

Forget about just thinking about what you want.

If you want success you have to think about success all the time!

You have to be fucking obsessed!

Success is a 24/7 deal, not a part time job.

When you aren’t kicking ass and succeeding, you have to think about succeeding round the clock.

A wise man once said,

“Mans best thoughts are conceived while walking.”

This is why I start my days with a walk.

I also walk everywhere I go.

Then I walk at the end of the day!


Because your thoughts make your destiny, especially your repeated thoughts.

I want the best possible thoughts so I can have the best possible destiny!

So I walk.

And I walk some more.

Plus walking is great cardio and maintenance for your muscles.

I also visualize while I walk, on my way to a hockey game I walk and visualize the great game I’m going to have.

On my way to the gym I visualize myself working out and making massive gains!

At night I visualize myself making millions of dollars inspiring other people.

While I walk I listen to the best music and see myself in my highest image.

1. Your thoughts determine how you feel.

2. When you think positive, you feel positive.

3. When you feel positive you think positive.

4. When how you think and feel are one, you have a state of being.

5. When your state of being is positive your actions change.

6. When your actions change your habits change.

7. When your habits change your character changes.

8. When your character changes, your destiny changes!

The building blocks of your destiny are thoughts!

The more obsessed you are to win, the more thoughts you stack and eventually you have a pile of good thoughts, emotions, and actions!

And life becomes easier!

When you are obsessed you are crusin at 100MPH and Crushin it!

So there’s my verdict, the Law of Attraction is NOT BULLSHIT!

What you think about ALL THE TIME will become real!


Until next time,

The man,

Angus Baynham-McColl

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