Work Until Everyday is Saturday!

My chief aim is simple,

Work my fucking ass off until everyday is Saturday!

Sometime in the future within 5-15 years, every day is Saturday!

I will be able to live everyday in freedom instead of bondage and slavery from working a 9-5 job.

This means I will have enough money from passive income to do what I want without having to work anymore.

My life today will be provided for by the work I did yesterday!

But right now,

I’m living everyday like it’s Monday for as long as it takes!


So that one day, everyday will be Saturday!

“Live like nobody else will for 5 years so you can live the rest of your life like nobody else can for 50 years.” – Angus Baynham-McColl

I’m about to turn 24 in January.

And my goal is to have “made it” within 10 years!

But if it takes 15 or even 20 I don’t care.

I want to be alive to taste freedom someday – the sooner the better!

By 2029 I will be 35 and by the time the roaring 20’s are over I will be 36.

My goal by 2045 is to be able to say,

“I’ve long since retired, my sons moved away, he’s grown up just like me, my boy is just like me.”

Except I won’t have planes to catch and bills to pay in the next 27 years.

This is because I live like a minimalist.

The song was just a window into my retirement – I don’t plan on having kids, I just want to live a simple minimalist lifestyle without extra responsibilities.

So that means living single until I find some hot gold digger once I have the gold!

Actually fuck that,

No woman is getting my gold, but I can tell you that I will be getting everything I want, and if she doesn’t give me what I want then she will be kicked to the curb.

When you have the gold, you own the woman – the gold is the thing you use to create dependency.

If you have the money, the muscle, the status – then she will never leave you!

I will find a good woman in 5 years or so that will respect me once I have taken care of my own business, made money, and have freedom.

Take care of business first, put the ladies last.

Now where was I?

Oh yeah,

The truth is I will never be retired from training or ball hockey.

I will train and exercise my whole life, however long that is.

Also, I will play ball hockey until my body won’t let me anymore, which is to say I aim to play till at least 60 if not 70!

I will do what it takes.

When everyday is Saturday in 5-10 years my life routine will be,

• 5AM Wake Up and Walk

• 6AM Shower/ Shave

• 7AM Off to the Gym

• 7-9PM Workout

• 9-12PM Write

• 12PM Big Meal

• 1PM Edit

• 2PM Publish My Work

• 3-5PM 2nd Workout

• 6PM Big Meal

• 630-11 Have Fun or Read

• 12AM Bedtime

Then tomorrow is Saturday and I will do it all over again!

On game day I will adjust my schedule so I can play hockey, but the thing is since everyday is Saturday, I won’t be taking orders from a boss and I will have enough cash to play hockey or skate like “Chelios that old fuck” whatever I want basically.

Imagine a life where you have enough money to do whatever you want AND enough time to do anything whenever you want!

I know what it’s like to be poor and work a job – now I want to know what it’s like to be RICH AND FREE!

With time and money,


Until next time,

The Man,

Angus Baynham-McColl

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