Create Your Own Reality

How would you like to create your reality and be a fucking jacked, fucking rich, fucking powerful BADASS who lives life on his own terms?

The fact is you are always creating your reality.

Unless of course,

Reality is creating you.

If reality is creating you then boo boo but if you are creating reality then woo hoo da na na na da na na na…..woo hoo……woo hoo.

When your creating your reality and you are one jacked, rich, BADASS motherfucker you can wake up at 5AM and blast Song 2 and sing woo hoo as you celebrate your own GLORY!

Don’t be an idiot and let reality create you like the 99%.

Instead join the 1% that create their own reality.

Who’s to say that this is all a dream and nothing actually exists?

Maybe we are all dreaming each other up, eh?

Have you ever thought of that?

The truth is I don’t have a clue if this is a dream, I personally think it is though.

And if I’m right, then this whole story is all me – I’m a part of you – you’re a part of me, and we are all actors in Gods movie.

But here’s the thing,


It’s your show boss.

You must take your place and be the main fucking character, you can’t play a side role like the 99% – you’re the main man – the main event!

You’re the director,

Myself and everyone else are the actors.


You are always creating your own reality!

Every thought, feeling, word, and decision makes your reality.

Don’t be a passenger,

Be the Bus Driver Man!

And turn that nightmare into a fucking glorious outcome!

Until next time,

The Fucking Man,

Angus Baynham-McColl

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