Winning & Grinning

Victory is the aim of my life!

Above all else,

I want to win, and win big!


Well, when you win you grin. I spend my days winning and my nights grinning.

I live a simple life,

I workout daily and play hockey weekly.

That’s all I have to do.

The rest of what I do is gravy.

Every day I show up to the gym is a victory!

Every week when I win a hockey game I go home and grin.

Then I get up on Monday and workout and walk all day and enjoy my freedom.

At night I grin.

During the week I write to journal and motivate myself, I blog regularly as well.

I blog about my wins, blogging is one way of grinning because it’s on my blog that I get to relish in my victories.

I may not have money all the time but I don’t care, money is fucking illusion anyway, it comes and goes.

Money is why people win some.

Money is why people lose some.

Money is why people cry some.

But me,

I don’t care about it all that much,

In fact as I write WIN & GROW rich I have 10 bucks to my name.

Like I fucking care,

Wanna know why?

Because I can always make money whenever I want.

Fuck the 9-5 Jive,

Be an entrepreneur and do something creative, like writing a book.

As I write Win and Grow Rich I know I’ll have a masterpiece to my name.

Win and Grow Rich will make me plenty of money.

Plus there are so many ways to make money if you are creative enough.

Right now I have a job and make $1,400 a month with help from the government.

I’m just paying my bills, sounds pretty bad eh?

Well guess what?

Winners ignore the now and focus on the future that can become.

I’m focused on one main thing that will happen come hell or high water this month.

Building My Body!

I’m also writing Win and Grow Rich but this book will take as long as it takes.

For now it’s time to get my ass in the gym and build my body.


Because my body is my resume.

Right now my resume sucks,

My body portrays that I’m average every time I look in the mirror.

I want to be fucking great!

That way I’ll be taken seriously and be given respect from potential clients.

When I have the body of a winner, I will have an easy time succeeding because other people will want to emulate me and match my results.

So fuck money at this point,

Right now it’s about building my body because a hell of a body makes for a hell of a resume.

Every entrepreneur needs a great body because the body is the mind.

When you use your mind to invest in your body, your body will pay your mind back tenfold.

2 years from now I will have a body that looks second to none – hell maybe I’ll have it in just one year.

Then I’ll be able to build a Great Fitness program for other people.

That’s how I’ll make real money!

Fitness is the first order of business for anyone who wants to be a winner and doesn’t know where to start.

You have to know how to win before you teach others to win.

This is why I’m starting with fitness and working my way up from there.

I know fitness will lead to gains in muscles, confidence, self-esteem, and well-being.

Fitness also boosts brian chemistry, a happy brain can help you win.

When you’re depressed it’s because your losing and losing BIG TIME.

Depression is your brains way of telling you,


So you wanna know what I do when I’m depressed?

I respond.

The same day I get off my ass and lift iron, and if I don’t feel better I lift iron the next day, and the next.

Eventually the pain will subside, and something else will take it’s place,


Some assholes say pride is a sin, but pride is actually the highest virtue!

Pride is in the spirit of every winner!

God hates losers,

God doesn’t reward losing,

It was actually the devil who said pride is a sin, that devil is mediocrity.

The powers that be will say bullshit like “pride is a sin” and that the “Meek and Weak” will inherit the earth because they want you to be fucking weak, pathetic and easy to enslave.


Pride is the source of strength,

Be Fucking Proud!

If you have any pride at all you will begin to win and grin!

Just don’t let some Sunday morning asshole tell you pride is a sin.

I’m proud to say I’m a winner and a grinner!

Until next time,

The Man,

Angus Baynham-McColl

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