“Overtraining” is Just an Excuse to be Lazy

I’m off to the gym for the 6th straight day and working on my upper body, abs and forearms for the 5th straight day!

No excuses!

Some losers may say,

“Angus you’re overtraining.”


“Overtraining” was a term invented by lazy losers who haven’t gone anywhere.

After my first day of the week I trained hard and I got sore.

But did I stop?


I kept training hard, and guess what?

It’s Saturday and the pain is gone!

So today I’m going to train hard and make more gains.

Then I have my hockey game on Sunday.

After that I’m training Monday through Saturday!

And then I’m doing it again.

Week after week.

Don’t tell me I’m overtraining,

If you do,

I’ll have something to show for it – and you’re just the one yapping from the sidelines, the peanut gallery.

The more you train the more you gain!

Until next time,

The man,

Angus Baynham-McColl

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