I live a very simple life,

And my routine is very simple.

At 5AM I rise and grind.

But I only work at a job on Thursday’s right now.

And unfortunately,

I have to get another job.


Because before now I was not a minimalist. I was a big time spender.

And I’m in a pile of debt.

How much is a pile?

Ten thousand bucks!

Now that’s a massive pile compared to what I make now.

Consider that I make the following,

Job: $200 a month

Welfare: $1,100 a month

But am I ashamed of being on welfare?


Shame is for fucking losers.

Connor McGregor didn’t wallow in self pity when he collected welfare checks.

Instead he became one of the greatest UFC fighters of all time who got to share the ring with Floyd “Money” Mayweather!

He made hundreds of millions of dollars for his life’s work.

And he cashed most of it in all in one night!

Because here is what success takes, a life of effort – and one day eventually you might climb high enough to cash in.

Right now I’m at a low.

10,000 bucks in debt, all my friends telling me “you’re not gonna succeed.” – “you need a damn job.” “Yo bro, get a job.” “Angus stop with your millionaire shit.”

My crowd doesn’t believe in me.

But I’m a superstar in the making and I don’t play for the crowd, I play the game of life for myself.

And to succeed I will have to embrace a minimalist lifestyle.

This means saying NO,

Saying NO to,

• Xbox

• A 9-5 full time job

• Hanging out with friends when I have stuff to get done

• Helping people move for example

When I have priorities I stick to them, and I have one priority right now.

Getting in the best shape of my life!

Everything else is secondary.

But I am going to get another part time job so I can do one important thing,


My work schedule will be 30 hours a week stocking clothing racks at Value Village.

I will start that job in a few weeks most likely.

I will have the following schedule,

5AM Rise & Walk

6 Shower & Eat

7-12 Work

12-1 Eat

2-4 Write, Edit and Blog

5-7 Walk & Gym

7-10 Read or Write and Blog

10-11 Walk

12 Hit the Hey


I will,

• Sleep

• Walk

• Eat

• Work

• Write

• Workout

• Sleep

Now that’s minimalism.

With a minimalistic lifestyle you can focus on the most important stuff.

And throw out the rest.

Until next time,

The man,

Angus Baynham-McColl

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