Why I Gave Up Watching Hockey

I gave up watching hockey on a full time basis during the regular season, but I do plan on watching the Ottawa Senators if they make the playoffs.

The thing is I don’t find it fun anymore to watch regular season hockey.

Once the Ottawa Senators made it to the 3rd round in 2017 I realized,

Regular season hockey is boring and only playoffs gets me fired up anymore.

Don’t get me wrong, I will still check the score and watch highlights but I don’t plan on being OBSESSED with a hockey team.

I’m now just a part time fan, a casual fan that will show up for the playoffs, and the odd regular season game if I feel like it.

My interest is now in playing hockey, not in watching it.

I’m now interested in pursuing greatness, I’m not interested in watching much TV anymore.


Because the greats don’t have time for that shit.

I want to become great at what I do, and watching hockey just doesn’t interest me anymore.

Watching hockey won’t help me become great at getting in shape and making millions of dollars.

Winners don’t watch TV.

That’s something that losers do, as they watch winners who are making millions of dollars because they are on TV.

I’m obsessed with greatness, and that means a part of me has to die.

So it’s official,

The die hard Sens fan in me is dead.

I’m now just a casual fan,

If they win cool,

If they lose……boo hoo.

I’m just rising and grinding my way to the top, and I believe that giving up watching hockey on a full time basis is a wise decision.

I’m giving up my biggest hobby so I can work 100% on my biggest project,


Until Next Time,

The Man,

Angus Baynham-McColl

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