What Is Enlightenment?

Think of your life as a movie, there are multiple aspects of you in this movie.

The main aspects of the movie are:

• Awareness, ie the spectator

• The main character

• The characters

• The script


Awareness is the viewer of the movie, it is the stillness that is unconditionally safe.

Notice that wherever you go, there is that feeling that you are you. This feeling is there all the time while you are conscious. In fact you are conscious “all the time” because there is no time in the absence of consciousness.

Consciousness is what created the movie, the movie unfolds according to what consciousness wants to express.

Consciousness is in the drivers seat.

We may think that our body is in the drivers seat but the body is moved by consciousness. This doesn’t mean you are in conscious control of everything as you live your life, in fact as you are watching the movie you call your life; you have no control at all.

Everything in your life is pre-destined and controlled by consciousness.

Consciousness is the viewer of the movie of life while you are living it, and that is passive, but before you are born every event to the most minute detail has already been decided and pre-organized by the HIGHER YOU.

You are living according to script forever and always.

Awareness or “THE HIGHER YOU” can also be called God.

At a higher level your movie was created and directed and recorded, now as you live life you are living it in playback mode.

Or spectator mode, except you are spectating a reality where you are made to feel like you have free will even though you have no control at all.

The Main Character

The main character is the body your consciousness is seeing the movie through from a first person perspective.

The main character is always moving according to the agenda and script of consciousness – in other words the plan that you created before the life you are observing in playback mode.

You are always doing the right thing because whatever you are doing is according to script.

You are so absorbed in the movie that you think the main character is actually you, but the real you is the spectator.

As the spectator you can feel and think, the main character cannot, but your thoughts (the spectators) thoughts and feelings are what binds you to the main character.

It’s your thoughts and feelings give you the illusion that you actually are the main character.

But the main character is just an animation in the movie, only consciousness is real.

Since everything is an animation there is no free will, there is just the illusion of free will given by your thoughts that report to you that you were the agent of your decision.

The fact is that reality is moving itself, you are not moving anything in reality. You are not the agent of any decisions, you are a spectator.

When the main character dies at the end of your movie, the spectating consciousness will realize “I was always safe.”

The main character will die, and the movie will end, but when a movie ends the audience doesn’t die along with it. Just the same way that you won’t die along with the body of the main character.

You Are Unconditionally Safe

You are always safe!

Enlightened people live life like their true essence is invincible.

That is because,

You are the spectator, not the body.

“Even though you can be hurt, hurt can’t hurt you.”

You may feel pain, but that pain is just a feeling, cuz you know you’re dreaming.

In a lucid dream you know that you can’t be harmed, even though you may feel things in the dream, you can’t be harmed in any way.

The main character can be harmed, but the main character isn’t you, it’s just an animation produced by consciousness.

So why live in fear?

Everything Is Going According to Script

Before the movie started it was produced by the dreamer (the higher self) (the real you), furthermore – everything in your life is always going according to script.

There is nothing you can do to knock your life off course.

This is because everything in life is always going on exactly the way it should.

Whatever is being dreamed up is going on exactly the way it should.

Everything was created according to plan by the “higher you” so the “lower you” could dream it up and learn while enjoying the dream.


“Enlightenment is the realization that everything is going on exactly the way it should.”

Until next time,

The man,

Angus Baynham-McColl

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