Does Consciousness Survive Death?

I think consciousness doesn’t survive death.

I also think consciousness survives death.

But am I contradicting myself.

No but I’m certainly not thinking logically, however I am thinking paralogically at a level where the paradox can be reconciled.

I want to support the theory that consciousness dies with the brain while also supporting the theory that consciousness is immortal.

This answer is the merge of science and spirituality.

And here it is,

We have 2 consciousnesses.

Consciousness 1 is produced by the brain and exists within the objective universe. Consciousness 1 will die when the brain does because the brain is responsible for producing consciousness 1.

Consciousness 1 is called the soma-stream, it’s the consciousness which gives rise to sense experience of the objective world.

Consciousness 2 is the soul-stream and this represents our imagination and subjective experience. Consciousness 2 survives death because it exists independent of the brain.

Your mind can be awake while your body is asleep – therefore your soul can be alive when your body is dead.

Until next time,

The man,

Angus Baynham-McColl

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