God or Evolution

Did God create us, or did evolution create us?

Evolution is an intrinsic aspect of the universe, scientists have figured out that the Big Bang – or Moment Zero started the universe – it’s my feeling that this universe is an improved version of a previous universe.

This universe grew out of the Big Bang the same way a seed becomes a tree.

The properties of the seed were created by an intelligent force that was unconscious in my opinion.

I believe unconscious intelligence created the universe and conscious awareness is a product of evolution.

God is an idea that could only be held in consciousness only because evolution created consciousness.

We could also call God universal intelligence, and it’s in the intrinsic nature of the universal intelligence to evolve the universe from chaos into order, from simplicity into complexity.

First God created evolution, then evolution created God.

The universe is essentially universal intelligence realizing itself through the evolution of more and more complex forms.

So first God created evolution, then evolution created us, then we created God.

Nature is cyclical,

So the answer is “both.”

Until next time,

The man,

Angus Baynham-McColl

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