18 Reasons I’m Hitting The Gym Daily

Today I worked out for the 18th time in 17 days – without further delay, here are 18 reasons why!

The Gym Builds Character

When you hit the gym your level of self-discipline increases and you feel better about yourself, the gym is a great way to build character and become a real man!

The Gym Builds Strength

One of my biggest reasons for going to the gym is that I want to build my strength – there is not very many feelings out there better than feeling strong.

The Gym Makes Me Better at Hockey

I’m better at hockey when I’m fit, and I’m only getting fitter so I can play hockey at a very high level!

The Gym Gives Me A Sense of Accomplishment

When I walk out of the gym I feel like I accomplished a lot, when you go for the 18th time in 18 days – you feel invincible!

I Look Bigger

I look in the mirror and I see results, I find that’s when you begin to get hooked to the gym!

I Have More Confidence

When you feel good and get the endorphins going, confidence is a natural result – Going to the gym will make you more confident.

I Feel Lighter

I feel like my body is lighter and easier to walk with because I’m stronger and not as heavy thanks to the gym.

Movements Are Becoming More Effortless

The same exercises are feeling a lot easier now, this is a sign I need to up the ante.

I Feel Good

I fee great because of the gym, plain and simple!

I Have More Motivation

The best way to motivate yourself to go to the gym is to go to the gym, the motivation you use will pay you back ten fold.

I’m Losing Fat

My gut is thinning and I’m becoming lighter – it feels AMAZING!

I’m Going to Score More Goals

My shot is going to be better because my arms and body will be stronger, my shot will be faster and more accurate because I’m doing serious work on my forearms!

Therefore I’m going to score a lot more goals next season! I have 5 goals this season with one game left – I’m hoping to get 10 next season!

I’m Going to Win More Battles

When I get to the corner and Lindy Ruff orders me to DIG, I’m going to get the ball because you better believe I will.

I will be the stronger and more determined of the combatants in the corner!

My strength will lead to more assists, goals and face-off wins!

I Have More Testosterone

More testosterone means more motivation and more stamina, I’ll take that any day of the week.

Testosterone also builds muscle and burns up fat.

I’ll Be More Attractive

Ladies like men who are jacked, when I’m jacked I’ll be even more attractive!

I’ll Be Able to Make a Career Out of Fitness

When I’m fit, I can make a career showing other people how it’s done as an author and trainer. What you learn and succeed at you can teach!

I’m in The Best Shape of My Life

18 days into my regime and I’m the strongest I’ve ever been all around, and it feels AMAZING!

Results Are Addictive

This is the most important one of all which is why I saved it for last.


When you get results it becomes a motivator to keep going. And every rep becomes a success because you know even more results are coming.

The great thing about the gym is that every rep will help you get a result, once you get your first result you become addicted and you want another result!

All champions are ADDICTED to RESULTS!

Thanks for reading my 18 reasons why I’m hitting the gym daily!

Until next time,

The Man,

Angus Baynham-McColl

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