I’ll Never Be A Big Spender – Even When I Get Rich

I think money gives you the capacity to fully express who you are.

When you have money you can express yourself, a lot of people with 100K jobs get the big mortgage, fancy car, and fancy restaurants.

That’s an expression of who those people are.

But a fancy lifestyle is not an expression of who I am.

A lifestyle of FREEDOM is an expression of who I am.

I want enough money to be ABLE to do whatever I want.

But that doesn’t mean I will live my life much differently.

As long as I have enough money for the following every month, I’m happy!

• Shelter ($300)

• Food ($300)

• Gym ($30)

• Phone ($140)

• Bus Fare ($45)

• Xbox ($60 a year)

• Hockey ($700 a year)

• Debt Repayment ($150)

Total: About $1,000 a month on average.

Think about it, on just 1000 dollars a month I can live like a king did 500 years ago – in fact I can live even better than a king used to be able to live!

And I’m richer than everyone who ever lived in the 1800’s.

I’m also richer than 5/6 people on earth if not more.


Because I make $1,500 on a good month, that sounds like fuck all but it goes a very long way. 5 or 6 human beings don’t have the luxury I enjoy.

That’s why I’m grateful!

My lifestyle sounds pretty lame but if I were rich all I would do differently is Uber more often and eat out more often.

Right now I’m at Tim Hortons having a great coffee for $1.75!

Now that’s living the life.

I can derive happiness from the little things in life, I don’t need a mansion or a Lamborghini to be happy.

And I never will.

Give me a hockey team, a stick and a gym, and I’m a happy camper.

I want to be a millionaire just for the achievement and who I become in the process.

“Before you can get freedom from money, you need to feel free regardless of money.” – Angus Baynham-McColl

I don’t need money for security because my sense of security is INTERNAL not external.

I will feel secure even if I live on the street!


Because I’m resilient and strong enough to make a comeback from such a situation.

I never count myself out,

Nor should you!

Until next time,

The man,

Angus Baynham-McColl

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