The Power of Self-Amplifying Feedback Loops (SAFLs)

The Power of Self-Amplifying Feedback Loops (SAFLs)

“The rich get richer and the poor get poorer.”


Because of Self-Amplifying Feedback Loops (SAFLs)

What is a SAFL?

A SAFL is a term used to describe a feedback loop where you either have positive or negative momentum.

A positive SAFL means you have great momentum in a certain area of life, and that one area will often bleed into other areas of life.

On the other hand a negative SAFL means you have negative momentum in a certain area of life, and that one negative area will often bleed into other areas of life.

This is why success becomes exponentially easier once you have had enough linear growth, eventually you will develop a SAFL and get momentum, and eventually success will be exponentially easier to maintain and build on.

Take success at the gym as an example.

When I started working out again 3 weeks ago I didn’t have any momentum, but after doing like 24 workouts in 3 weeks, you bet I have momentum in the bank.

It’s only going to get easier to go to the gym because of the SAFL I’m building.

At first it was painful to go, but then I got a sense of accomplishment from going and then I began to lift heavier weights.

This success in the gym made me feel better about myself and more optimistic about my future.

I feel that because I’m lifting more I feel stronger, prouder and lighter. I also have more discipline because of the gym and this bleeds into other areas of my life.

The discipline and consistency I have developed are making me better at the following,

• Reading just one book at a time

• Reading for longer periods of time

• Eating better

• Playing better hockey

• Writing more consistently

• Blogging regularly

• Staying optimistic

• I’m about to begin meditation

Those 8 things all started with a positive SAFL that began with going to the gym.

And it’s only been 3 weeks!

I anticipate that in 10 years I will be absolutely jacked, I’ll be attracting hot girls into my life, I’ll have lots of money, a successful business, and I will have let go of all my repressed emotions through meditation.

That’s pretty damn good, and I’ll still be a young 34 year old.

In another 10 years after that I might be a multi-millionaire at age 44.

They say that success is something you discover after you get started, and I feel that my journey of success started about 5 years ago – I didn’t know how I would have gotten this far 5 years ago, but I did.

But that’s the thing,

You never KNOW HOW success will come.

You just follow the principles and discover the hows along the way.

Principles that create a positive SAFL are,

• Working out

• Meditation

• Reading

• Expanding your social circle

• Walking to keep yourself in motion

• Thinking optimistically

Working out is great because it develops discipline and a sense of accomplishment.

Meditation clears the mind and helps you let go of repressed emotions.

Reading makes you more knowledgeable.

Expanding your social circle is great because you will have more friends and acquaintances. This leads to more opportunities to meet even more new people.

Walking for 2 hours a day keeps you from

mentally stagnating.

Choosing to think more optimistically is huge because your thoughts dictate your reality over time.

Eventually when you do these foundational habits you enjoy life more and because you enjoy life more you will create better results in life.

Then your results will cause you to want to get more results.

That’s the power of a SAFL.

Until next time,

The man,

Angus Baynham-McColl

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