Bad & Boujee Helps Me Put $300 Right in My Safe

Today I decided to go to the casino! I walked in the casino with $185 and as usual I listened to good music as I played the slots with the intention of raising my energetic state and manifesting more abundance! I go to my usual slot machine and deposit $75 into the machine – I… Read More

5 Quotes From Angus Baynham-McColl About the Law of Attraction

Hey everyone, Today I am sharing 5 of my very own quotes on the Law of Attraction. Without further delay here they are, 1. “The Law of Attraction never requires you to do something you don’t like in order to manifest a dream.” – Angus Baynham-McColl 2. “Manifestation works when you allow the universe to… Read More

When You Want Something Badly

You have two choices when you want something really badly, 1. Downgrade your desire 2. Upgrade your belief If you do neither you will suffer. If you downgrade your desire you have given up. If you upgrade your belief – you will succeed! All failure is caused by one of two things, A lack of… Read More

A Minimalistic Lifestyle

“Invest your money in experiences, not things.” – A Minimalist Minimalism is a lifestyle where you live with few possessions and it’s essentially about cutting out the bullshit from your life so that you can focus on the things that truly matter. By choice I live a minimalistic lifestyle because I love simple living. I… Read More

Realizations I’ve Gained From Taking Solipsism to its Limit

For a while I took on the perspective that I was the only real mind in the universe and that everything was contained within my mind as a projection. I think reality is a hallucination and that everything is actually an illusion. Your thoughts, feelings, objects, and sense experience are all temporary – the only… Read More

The Number One Mistake People Make When Using the Law of Attraction

The number one mistake people make while using the Law of Attraction is being attached to the outcome during the manifesting process. People usually do just fine at desiring what they want, but they just can’t seem to let go and allow the universe to work it’s magic. Desire is a powerful force, and when… Read More

An Insight About Hallucinations

Drugs don’t make you hallucinate, they just change the hallucination you are already having. When you take drugs this actually LITERALLY changes the way reality behaves. Hard to believe, but it’s true. The only experience that actually is real is the experience in the present moment relative to you. If you take drugs and hallucinate… Read More

Going Full Circle

Going Full Circle “I owe my greatest losses to my greatest gains and my greatest gains to my greatest losses.” – Tao Te Ching Become So Introverted that You Become Extroverted An introvert will ultimately come to the realization that even their inner world is part of the outside world, and that interacting with the… Read More