10 Reasons Every Man Should Play a Sport

10 Reasons Every Man Should Play a Sport


I owe most of my friendships with other men to Ball Hockey.

It’s also fair to say that Ball Hockey is the foundation of my friendships with my buddies.

When you play together, win together and lose together as well as learn and grow together you become brothers on and off the floor.

I’m thankful I have about 10 friends I can call brothers, and most of them come from Ball Hockey.


Ball hockey is why my cardio is so good and part of why I’m so motivated to improve my strength!

The main reason I’m in the gym is so I can improve at my sport and accomplish my task – which is to help my team win games.

Hockey gets me in shape, and motivates me to continue to improve my fitness.

Mental Toughness

Mental toughness is all about bouncing back from adversity when the going gets tough.

The reason sports develops mental toughness is because there are times in games where your team is losing and you have every reason to be frustrated and every reason to give up.

But you can’t give up and you have to keep going.

I’ve had countless times where I’ve lost games and countless times where I’ve been losing in games and I’ve had to bounce back and keep playing with effort anyway.

In this respect sports prepares you for life because life is going to knock you down and it’s up to you to get back up again and keep moving forward.

If it wasn’t for my dedication to hockey even after getting cut from teams and bouncing back, and helping my team when when the going gets tough, I would not be prepared for the demands of life as a man.


Resilience is a product of mental toughness.

The more mental toughness you have the more likely you are to bounce back from adversity.

In my life I faced tremendous amounts of adversity, for example;

I’ve battled bipolar disorder and if not for ball hockey and what ball hockey taught me about resilience and bouncing back from adversity, I would not have had the wisdom and strength I needed to bounce back from adversity and be resilient in the face of mental illness.

And in hockey when we have given up a few goals, and my team has been frustrated and felt like slowing down, I knew that the important thing was to keep moving forward and be resilient!

Present Moment Focus

To be successful in life you have to stay in the present moment.

There is no better example of staying in the present moment, than when I play sports and especially ball hockey.

The reason sports demands you to stay in the present moment, is because if you don’t stay in the present moment you’ll get slaughtered by the opposition.

As a hockey player if I’m dwelling on the past or worrying about the future it will affect my performance.

This is a parallel to life, and in life to be happy and successful, you need to stay in the present moment.

I need to take be in the present moment to take care of business.

The problem is if you dwell on the negative of the past, or worry about the future, it will take you away from the present moment. As a result you will lose focus on what needs to be done.

In fact I would say mental toughness is your ability to stay in the present moment.

And sports is one of the best ways to develop presence.


Studies have shown that man who play sports, especially competitive sports – have higher levels of testosterone in their system.

Testosterone is very important for men, because without testosterone you don’t have as much willpower and strength.

The more testosterone you have, the more money you make, the more you’ll get laid, the better you’ll be your sport, and the better you’ll feel.

Any man who wants to be successful must have a high testosterone level. This is especially important as you get older because testosterone levels naturally decline with age.

This is another very important reason to play sports because playing hockey makes your testosterone levels a lot higher since sports bring out your competitive drive.

Competitive Drive

In order to be successful in life you have to compete with other people and other businesses and life is survival of the fittest.

I would like to say that you could be a bitch and be successful. But the reality is you can’t be successful without drive.

Part of the reason I have so much drive to succeed in life is because I’ve learned about competitive nature from ball hockey.

I started ball hockey in 2012, and I was the hardest working player in the whole league. I was not the most talented nor the smartest. However, I was the hardest working player every single game and it paid off, this is why I scored a championship winning goal in the league.

I simply wanted more, I would win every battle in front of the net, and I would out-will the opposition.

The reason I have so much drive today, is because I’ve worked hard in practice and in games with drive and dedication.

And I’m becoming better every year because of my drive and dedication.

And life demands the same drive.

Sports = Fun

To be successful in life you have to have fun doing what you’re doing.

I’m very successful in life because I only do what I find fun or valuable.

Every entrepreneur needs to know that in order to be successful you need to have passion, and I know I’m in the right sport because I have lots of passion for it – and I know that passion will never go away until I’m too old to play.

In life you need to have passion.

I’ve done other sports, and had a measure of success in other sports such as marksmanship and drill during my time in Army cadets.

I had success due to the passion that I had. I owe my passion to the skill that I have developed over many many years.

The thing about passion is, you need to develop confidence before you have passion. Once you have confidence (which comes from competence) you will love your sport more and more.

Life is the same way, because any undertaking requires passion to be successful.

Get in the habit of having fun.

Sports Teaches You Not to Take Shit

I have played enough hockey to realize, that if you take shit, you will lose.

You have to learn when to take shit, and when not to take it.

For example, you can’t take shit from the opposition, you can’t allow them to push you around.

However, you have to let things go sometimes.

For example, when referees are horrible, you have to learn how to let that go and move on – because just like in life, sometimes things are out of your control, such as how refs call the game.

But you do have control over how you stand up for yourself. This applies to both within your team and with your teammates, and in the game itself.

If you let the other team bully you into submission you are making a major life mistake.

However if you stand up to referees and their bullshit, you only make matters worse.

So sports teaches you how to stand up for yourself and when to stand up for yourself.

Sports Teaches The Law of Attraction

The Law of Attraction states that positive thought will lead to positive results.

The LOA also teachers, that negative beliefs lead to bad outcomes.

There is no greater example of how the LOA works then in sports.

When you think positively, it makes you feel better. When you feel better, you have more motivation, and you make better decisions.

You also have more energy, and when you have more energy, you will be more effective.

It’s also about having the right energy which is positive energy.

There are two ways to play a hockey game.

The first way to play is the play to win.

The second way to play, is to play not to lose.

This is the LOA in a nutshell.

When you play with the mindset of winning and kicking ass, it means you are thinking about the results of a positive outcome, and your energy will keep you positive and oriented to playing to the best of your ability.

You will be more levelheaded and determined when you were playing to win.

When you are playing avoid losing however, you will be retreating in games and you’ll avoid doing the things that make you successful. This is because this mindset makes you more afraid to take risks.

It’s important to realize that risks lead to reward.

Life is the same way,

When you were more willing to take risks, you are more likely to get a big rewards.

When you were afraid to take risks, you’re losing out on potential reward.

So stay positive!

Until next time,

The man,

Angus Baynham-McColl

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