How To Get Over Any Girl in Just 3 Days

How to Get Over Any Girl in Just 3 Days

In this article I will talk about how to get over any girl in three days or less based on principles of psychology.

The model that I will use to describe how to get over someone is Kubler Ross‘s five stages of grief.

When getting over someone it’s important to realize that speed of the process is all about how you quickly you pass through the five stages of grief.

As you know, almost all relationships come to an end.

This is why it’s important know how to get over someone psychologically so you can move on to the next relationship and enjoy it fully.

The five stages of grief are:






I’m going to describe the five stages.


At the end of any relationship we tend to feel that the relationship is over. But first we are in a sense of shock and can’t believe what is actually happening.

This is called denial.

When we were in a state of denial, we don’t see reality clearly.

In denial the subconscious mind has not accepted the fact of the relationship is over, in fact the subconscious mind hasn’t even processed the fact that the relationship is over. It still feels like the relationship is going on.

Even at the conscious level it hasn’t sunk in yet that relationship is over.

For a few hours or maybe even a day it’s completely normal to feel a sense of denial about the relationship being over.

If you feel angry it means you’re moving out of the stage of denial because you’re realizing that this relationship is over.


In the anger stage you may feel feelings of resentment or hatred towards the situation and the girl you’re getting over.

There’s also a lot of blame that goes on in the stage. In the anger stage you may blame yourself and blame your looks or finances, and you may blame the fact you’re not an adequate man.

You may also blame the girl.

It is normal to feel angry for a few hours or even a few days after the end of a relationship.

This anger maybe directed towards yourself, it may be directed towards other people, or towards circumstances, and anything your anger can latch on to.

Eventually the anger will subside as you get used to the relationship being over.

Some people let go of the anger so quickly they won’t even notice they were angry.

After the anger stage is the longest stage of the process of getting over the girl.


The bargaining stage is the worst stage of all and it’s the hardest stage to pass through.

In fact it can take years to pass through the stage.

In my case I was passing through the stage with a specific person that I couldn’t get over for 6 years.

I knew what to do, but sometimes it’s hard to go through the process of the bargaining stage, because even though you know how to pass through it, you may not want to.

This is why it’s such a tricky stage

to pass-through.

In the bargaining stage you’re thinking about ways to restore the relationship and get the girl back.

And the thing is as long as you have hope that you can get the girl back, you will have a lot of problems in the bargaining stage.

In the bargaining stage you may be thinking thoughts like:

What can I do to bring this girl back in my life?

Maybe with more money or better looks I can win her back.

There must be something I can do to make her love me again.

I’m sure you get the idea.

So the thing that keeps a man in the bargaining stage for so long is the thought that it’s possible restore the relationship.

It’s this piece of wisdom that I’m going to tell you that will make the difference between getting over a girl in three days, or three years.

This piece of wisdom is,

The sooner you relinquish all hope of the relationship being possible, the sooner you move past the bargaining stage, and the sooner you’ll get over her.

But here’s the thing,

You have to you have to 100% believe that the relationship will never happen again.

If you have even a 1% belief that the relationship will happen again, that means you’re still in the bargaining stage. It is here your mind will try and think of ways to restore the relationship.

Keep in mind,

If you harbour any thoughts of bargaining or hope of the relationship coming back, you will not pass the bargaining stage.

You have to make yourself 100% certain that the relationship is over.

That’s the only way your subconscious mind will move on.

But Angus?

Is it a depressing to give up hope on a relationship that you really want?

Yes it is,

That’s why you will pass through the fourth stage after you are done bargaining; this stage is called,


In the depression stage you will feel miserable because you know that the relationship is over but you still haven’t fully accepted that it’s over.

But here’s the important thing to do during the depression.

Do not resist depression.

Typically, the depression stage will last for three days, maybe a week at the most.

Anytime you go through loss in life or give up hope on something, you’re going to feel depressed.

This is normal,

The important thing to keep in mind during the depression is avoid going back to the bargaining stage because you’re resisting the depression.

You must not harbour thoughts of bargaining while you are going through the depression. Otherwise you will revert back.

After three days, when your subconscious mind has processed everything, you

will reach a state of acceptance and peace about the situation.


This is the fifth and final stage.

Once you’ve reached the stage of acceptance it means you’ve moved on.

It’s here where you’ll be able look at your past relationship, and the girl, and see that they were just a regular person.

You should be able to see your ex as nothing more than a stranger going forward.

And you will know you’ve reached the stage of acceptance when you no longer care.

The Principle of Least Interest

The beauty of knowing how to get over someone in any relationship is that it won’t matter how the relationship goes.

You can enjoy then relationship without being attached.

This means you’ll have control over the relationship, just like in a negotiation the party willing to walk away is more likely to control the negotiation.

In relationships this is called the principle of least interest.

The person who’s least interested in the relationship has the most control over it.

Knowing how to get over someone is a very powerful tool for your relationship.

This knowledge gives you the freedom to enjoy relationships without being attached to them.

So to recap, the five stages are,

Denial, anger, bargaining, depression, and acceptance.

How fast you go through them is entirely up to you.

With what you just learned,

You’ll be able to get it over any relationship in three days just like magic.

This teaching will give you all the freedom you need for relationships, and you wont feel attached or sacrifice yourself to keep the relationship going.

The ability to walk away and get over her gives you more freedom to enjoy the relationship than you could possibly imagine.

Until next time,

The man,

Angus Baynham-McColl

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