When Should An Entrepreneur Get a Job?

When Should An Entrepreneur Get a Job?

This is a good question for an entrepreneur to ask, and since I’m both an entrepreneur and an employee I’ll answer the question.

I’m a blog artist, life coach, and author – but I’m also a wear house helper in Ottawa – so why would I take a full time job when I’m an entrepreneur?

Well, it’s because I’m a struggling entrepreneur without a lot of money and I want to gain some respectability and credibility in the eyes of potential clients.

Before taking this job I was on government assistance – hardly enough to meet my basic needs let alone be a life coach.

If I want to be a good life coach, I should be excelling in at least one key area of life and doing reasonably well in all the other basic areas of life, this includes,

• Health

• Mental Health

• Physical Fitness

• Self-Education

• Relationships

• Happiness

• Money

Those are the 7 areas of life I want to be excelling at before I dive into my coaching practice.

I think it’s important to be exemplary in order to coach other young men.

This is why I wanted to look at the most direct solution to my biggest problem,

Lack of money.

The best way for me to solve this problem is to work full time and pay off my debt.

Once my debt is payed and I have savings I will have what it takes to work less on my job and more on my own business.

For now I’ll do coaching calls on Saturday and Sunday as well as evenings since my job runs from 7-330.

When I have my coaching service up and running and I’m fully booked on the weekend and I’m making more by the hour then I am at my job – I will transition into being a full fledged life coach and blogger.

But I feel it’s important to use the time I’m working wisely.

This is why I took a manual labour job.

And there are only 2 types of jobs I would recommend an entrepreneur take.

• Manual labour

• Sales

Manual labour is a great choice for people who want to get in shape while they get paid. I’m still going to the gym but now I know I’m going to be in amazing shape and this is important to me because fitness is the foundation of everything related to success in my opinion.

Sales is another good option because it makes you less shy and better at people skills. It will also teach you how to sell your service or products as an entrepreneur. The skills you can learn in sales are invaluable to your personal development.

In sales you learn about overcoming rejection, persistence and customer satisfaction.

All these skills are valuable for any coach or entrepreneur.

So I took a job to solve my finances and get in shape mainly.

And within 3 months to a year I’ll be coaching on a more full time basis but in the meantime I’ll be working on myself more.

You have to serve yourself before you can serve others.

Until next time,

The man,

Angus Baynham-McColl

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