3 Secrets For Great Writing

In this article I’m sharing 3 ways to make masterpieces for your readers.

Write For Just One Person

Think of one person you would love to have read your work.

And write for that person.

There’s someone out there who I would love to have read my work.

I write for this person even though she may not be reading it, but I know that my best work will come out because I’m fired up to write.

This is known as a muse for an artist, many artists have muses.

Muses are inspiring, and I want to take advantage of my muse by writing as if she’s the only person reading my work.

Write The Way You Speak

The reason I use dictation from my phone to write is because my writing will sound the way I speak.

Not to mention it’s faster.

It’s important have a writers voice because it will make your work easier to read.

Edit the Way You Wish You Spoke

I love writing because you can change your words as much as you want.

This allows you to sound the way you wish you spoke.

It’s important that you edit your work as much as possible so your work is top notch.

When your work reads the way you wish you spoke, that’s when you know you have written a masterpiece.

Until next time,

The man,

Angus Baynham-McColl

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