Acquire Money By Benefitting Other People

Becoming a millionaire or a billionaire is not about what you do, or even you – it’s about the impact of what you do for others.

In my job this week I made 500 bucks from processing about 10,000 pieces of mail in a 40 hour week, but that’s not what I got paid for.

I got paid because the business provides benefits to the people, and I provided benefit to the business.


Most people make about $30,000 a year because they don’t benefit the people they benefit in anything more than a very minor way.

Other people provide benefit to fewer people, but benefit them to a higher degree. Therefore they make more by the hour but work less.

This is efficiency.

As a life coach I can benefit 10 people in a life changing way and make $100,000 a year because of the quality of the benefit I provide.

That’s assuming I work for 200 bucks an hour for 10 hours a week for a year.

Last year I made 200 dollars for one paid coaching session, it was the first and only coaching session of that kind.

But it was the easiest 200 bucks I’ve earned because I provided benefit doing what I enjoy.

What if I chose to run a massive seminar and change the lives of 1,000 people over 2 days for 100 bucks.

I would earn $100,000 in 2 days of fun work.

This is because number of people benefitted times the quality of benefit = number of dollars made.

Bottom line is,

Impact a lot of people and you will have more money and friends then you can imagine.

Money becomes an illusion when you realize that the purpose of making money isn’t to acquire, its to benefit people.

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