Right Now Is All There Is

The Law of Attraction isn’t about getting everything that matters, it’s about releasing resistance until nothing matters at all.

When I’m in a state where nothing matters, life becomes magical, and I feel infinite.

It’s this seemingly elusive state of being that we all want – in fact the reason why we set goals is because the goals (when they are achieved) make us feel infinite.

But when we come up short the goals make us feel very finite.

And we will always feel inadequate when we set goals because there is always a bigger goal.

But what if you surrendered your goals and declared that reality is always good?

Then things wouldn’t matter so much,

Hope and fear are our greatest tormentors – because they make us think that things can get worse or get better.

But the truth is you can only be as happy as you are right now – right now is all there is.

If you have hope for the future – you are resisting the present moment. If you have fear for the future you are resisting the present moment.

So surrender your fears and hopes.

And take joy in being here and now – surrender and feel amazing because everything is always perfect.

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