Going Full Circle

Going Full Circle

“I owe my greatest losses to my greatest gains and my greatest gains to my greatest losses.” – Tao Te Ching

Become So Introverted that You Become Extroverted

An introvert will ultimately come to the realization that even their inner world is part of the outside world, and that interacting with the inner world is actually interacting with the outside world.

On the other hand an extrovert is interacting with the outside world and comes to the realization that he has been interacting with aspects of his own self all song, thereby making him an introvert.

Lose Your Ego to Develop a Strong Personality

The ego is the part of you that prevents you from fully expressing yourself, then when the ego goes away you have no limitations and anything goes. Hell, you are so egoless that even egomaniac type behaviours are perfectly acceptable to you.

Doing Nothing Gets You the Most, Doing Everything Gets You the Least

The best way to be happy is to cut stuff out from your life, the more you have the more you stand to lose. Giving up your possessions, friends, family, and everything else you can think of is actually the way to become happy.

Then again people that chase billions of dollars are unconsciously trying to relieve their chronic aversion of “not having enough.” But when you try to have everything – you are actually going further away from your true nature. Your true nature is nothingness and people who have so much feel so empty because they could lose it and their happiness is only as temporary as the times where they are gaining more. This is what people mean when they say that you can lose the world and gain your soul, or gain the world but lose your soul.

“The weakest are the most powerful because they have nothing to lose, as soon as you gain power you have something to lose.”

The person who has everything to lose becomes a slave to the very things they stand to lose, but the person with nothing to lose and nothing to defend is free.

“To find full meaning out of life, discover that life is meaningless.”

There is no objective meaning to life, if that makes you depressed then you are making a negative meaning out of the statement that life is meaningless.

The pursuit of enlightenment, or a billion dollars, or physical fitness is about as meaningful as a kid building a sandcastle and any meaning that is ascribed to your pursuits is purely fictional.

This gives you the opportunity to make your life into a fiction, even if you think your life is non-fiction you still just made a fictional statement.

“Be so masculine that you have no fear of being feminine.”

If you want to pick up girls be like a girl, embrace authenticity and vulnerability, be spontaneous, and care free. Express your emotions and be yourself 100%.

“Atheists ultimately discover nothingness and realize that nothingness was God all along. Theists discover God and realize God was nothingness all along.”


“Solipsism taken to it’s most extreme takes you to the conclusion that even you aren’t real.”

A solipsist thinks that they are the only real being in the universe and that all other beings are contained within their mind. But the conclusion is that even their own mind is a projection, and even their own thoughts are a projection arising within nothingness. Only nothingness is real and this means that nothing is real – the solipsist is 99.99999 percent right – therefore they’re still wrong. To complete the course they must realize that even they themselves are an illusion, a projection and that even they don’t exist.

Nothing is real because reality is nothingness.

“Become so selfish that you discover true selflessness.”

In my selfish pursuit of becoming Sergeant Major of my Army Cadet Unit – I discovered the biggest lesson I learned in my career. And that lesson was that I was pursuing a goal that was selfish. But because I wanted that goal so bad I actually became selfless and turned my motivation outward into helping my unit become the best it could be.

My selfishness lead me to something bigger than myself. And the fact that I was so much more motivated to help the unit succeed made me want to become the Sergeant Major even more – not for my sake like when I first wanted it, but for the sake of helping the unit.

In pursuing selflessness I was still selfish, with the exception that I had selfless motivations that lay deeper than my self cantered motivations.

It’s not about what you do, it’s about why you do it.

“If you want to live a life of purpose, discover that life has no purpose.”

There is no purpose to life, therefore you get to choose your own purpose. This means no longer living your life from a place to objective purpose where you “have to” do something – but rather it means living from any purpose where you can do “whatever you want.”

“Become so unattached that it doesn’t matter how attached you are.”

True non attachment isn’t about not giving any fucks but rather it’s about realizing that there are times where you still give fucks – and when you do give a fuck – non attachment means not giving a fuck that you give a fuck.

So there are some examples of going full circle.

Until next time,

The man,

Angus Baynham-McColl

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