The Number One Mistake People Make When Using the Law of Attraction

The number one mistake people make while using the Law of Attraction is being attached to the outcome during the manifesting process.

People usually do just fine at desiring what they want, but they just can’t seem to let go and allow the universe to work it’s magic.

Desire is a powerful force, and when unimpeded, desire will always manifest a successful outcome.

But the problem for an amateur LOA practitioner is attachment.

Attachment will cancel out desire every single time.

I use other words for attachment such as resistance, desperation, neediness and wanting. Feeling lack is another term I use to describe attachment.

If you feel any resistance in your being within the context of your desire, you must let go of the negative feeling.

Every desire simultaneously creates an aversion to not having the desire, and if the aversion isn’t relinquished, the desire will not manifest easily.

This is why when I want to manifest something, I intend for it until I feel excited about it, and then I let go totally until I’m inspired to reinforce the intention again.

I let go of how long it will take to manifest my desire, and I especially let go of how it will happen. I also don’t try to “do anything” to make my desire real – if I’m doing uninspiring work because I think it will make my desire real, I immediately stop. It’s important to realize that any action coming from the voice of resistance, neediness, and lack is the wrong action to take.

If you are in a state of complete surrender, resistance, and non-attachment – it’s likely that your desire will manifest very easily and quickly.

There are zero limits as to “how” your desire can manifest.

In fact the most enlightened practitioners of the law of Attraction don’t focus on “manifesting desires” – life just happens to work out perfectly and miracles are a part of everyday life.

A rookie LOA practitioner will visualize, and visualize all the time, yet generate so little in terms of results.

This is because he is doubtful the universe understands what he wants – and his lack of faith will be reflected back to him by his lack of results which will reinforce his lack of faith.

But the LOA pro will spend most of his time letting go of his desire because he knows that the universe already “gets it” – he knows that the universe knows he wants a million dollars. The only thing the pro focuses on is a total surrender to the universe. He doesn’t visualize over and over or repeat affirmations. All he has is an inner knowing that his desire is real in the present moment. He is so open and non-attached that the universe can work with unlimited possibilities and put the pieces together.

Bottom line is,

The Law of Attraction is 1% intention and 99% letting go.

Most rookies have it the other way around.

And that’s why they are stuck.

I will have more posts on letting go and releasing resistance to become non-attached. Letting go is the most essential thing to do when applying the Law of Attraction.

Until next time,

The Man,

Angus Baynham-McColl

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