Realizations I’ve Gained From Taking Solipsism to its Limit

For a while I took on the perspective that I was the only real mind in the universe and that everything was contained within my mind as a projection.

I think reality is a hallucination and that everything is actually an illusion. Your thoughts, feelings, objects, and sense experience are all temporary – the only thing that doesn’t change is change itself.

If you are aware of anything – you are in a fiction, because only the blank canvas of pure nothingness is real – yet it’s the only thing that’s impossible to imagine because the imagination is always imagining something.

Back to the point about me being the only real mind – I think I might be wrong to say that my own mind is even real. This is because my mind is a projection animated on the blank canvas of nothingness.

Every thought is a projection.

Every thought is a hallucination.

My awareness and the idea of my own awareness is a hallucination and conceptualization.

There is nothing that exists outside of my awareness.

If I’m not aware of something – it doesn’t exist.

There is also nothing that objectively exists inside my awareness and hell, even the idea of my own awareness is an illusion.

Only nothingness (awareness with no content) is real.

The only reason why people say reality is not an illusion is because there is nothing to compare and contrast it with.

The universe is appears to be 99.999999 percent empty space – and I would argue that even the empty space isn’t real – even time isn’t real – these are illusions that pass through the very thing that is real, pure nothingness.

Until next time,

The man,

Angus Baynham-McColl

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