A Minimalistic Lifestyle

“Invest your money in experiences, not things.” – A Minimalist

Minimalism is a lifestyle where you live with few possessions and it’s essentially about cutting out the bullshit from your life so that you can focus on the things that truly matter.

By choice I live a minimalistic lifestyle because I love simple living.

I have a simple job,

I have simple hobbies,

I have simple friends,

I have few possessions,

But I enjoy many experiences!

I have a job that pays me $2,000 a month, but I know how to make that money go such a long way because I only spend it on experiences that truly matter to me.

My Expenses,

Rent – $300

Food – $300

Phone – $150

TV & Internet – $10

Debt Repayments – $150

Bus Pass – $45

Gym Membership – $20

Other Debt – Pay as Required

Total Expenses


Income minus expenses:

Income: $2,000.00

Expenses: $975.00

Remainder: $1,025.00

Now with the remainder I choose to do one of 3 things, and those 3 things are:

• Invest

• Save

• Spend on fun with my guilt free spending money

I choose to invest 200 dollars a month into bitcoin and save another 400 into my regular savings account.

With the remaining 400 dollars I choose to have fun and spend my money on experiences because I’ve realized I don’t need very many possessions.

With my 400 dollars I buy,

• Coffees from Tim Hortons, Starbucks, Bridgehead, and some local places.

• Books that quench my thirst for knowledge in areas such as building wealth and enlightened spirituality.

• The odd meal out from places like McDonalds, Subway, Harvey’s, Lorenzo’s Pizza and more.

• I have a monthly ITunes subscription that gives me access to all the music I could possibly want.

• I spend money on my hockey fees so I can play hockey and I also buy equipment as needed.

• I perform acts of kindness with my money as well when I feel inspired to do so.

I have a lot of good things in my life and I realize that I have plenty of abundance already. The best way to be abundant is so spend money on the things that matter most.


How I spend my time is just as important as how I spend my money.

I spend my money and make that go a long way, and I’m happy to say I don’t have too much free time – so I like to use every moment wisely.

I’m a relatively busy person compared to a few months ago, so I value my time a lot more than I used to.

Before I started working again I had too much time on my hands, so much that I didn’t know how to make it meaningful.

Now I budget my time the following way:

Sleep – 8 Hours

Work – 8.5 Hours

Transportation to Work – 4 Hours

Free Time – 3.5 Hours

Weekends – Free Time – 16 Hours a Day

I essentially have free time for just 1/7th of the time which makes me want to make the most of the time I have.

My goals for New Years include,

• Gym

• Financial Turnaround

• Success at Hockey

Other than that I don’t need that much out of life.

I think the happiest people are those that don’t ask for much and enjoy what they have – Gratitude is key!

Until next time,

The man,

Angus Baynham-McColl

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