Bad & Boujee Helps Me Put $300 Right in My Safe

Today I decided to go to the casino!

I walked in the casino with $185 and as usual I listened to good music as I played the slots with the intention of raising my energetic state and manifesting more abundance!

I go to my usual slot machine and deposit $75 into the machine – I was listening to Speed of Sound by Coldplay and man was I playing cold. I had no luck at all with that song. I lost 75 bucks.

With 100 dollars left I put in 60 and lost 20 fast – so I had a hunch to change the song to Bad and Boujee!

I had just 80 dollars left but I didn’t panic.

The lyrics at my favourite part of Bad and Boujee are;

Go to the strip club make it rain……

So much MONEY they use RAKES…..

Throw a HUNDRED THOUSAND in Her face…….

Then put 300 right in Your safe……

So I had the thought,

What if I just play my favourite part on repeat for fun so I can walk out and put 300 right in my safe?

Well guess what?

I started getting VERY LUCKY!

I kept max betting and left the slot machine with $220.60 after getting 25 free spins at maximum bet.

Then I discovered 10 bucks in my pocket to my right.

So I put that in my slot machine and played my favourite part of Bad and Boujee on repeat.

I turned that 10 bucks into 60.06 dollars!

I now had a total of $280.66 of winnings.

But I wasn’t satisfied because Migos specifically said in the song to put “300 right in your safe!”

I took 80 of my 280 and played war.

I lost 20 and gained it back.

Then I put 40 on the table twice in a row and doubled my 80.

I now had $360.00!

I put 20 on the table and lost.

Then I put 40 on the table and lost!

So I walked away with a $100.00 chip.

Then I cashed it in and put 100 bucks in my wallet.

As I left the casino I walked out with exactly 300 dollars.

Now I’m going to go home like the boss I am and put 300 right in my safe!

Now that’s how you manifest!

Until next time,

The man,

Angus Baynham-McColl

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