About Angus Baynham-McColl

Angus Baynham-McColl is the author of Win and Grin – The Website For Winners!

Angus was born in 1994 and some of his hobbies include hockey, self-education, personal development, working out and spending time with his friends.

Angus’s website is meant to be a personal journal of his journey, the victories, the defeats and everything else.

Some of the topics Angus will blog about are:

• His personal growth

• How his role models have inspired him over the years

• His desires

• His outlook on spirituality

• Where he is at financially

• His journey to find the love of his life

• His successes in fitness

• His dream to inspire many people and change lives

• His journey through the criminal justice and mental heath system

• How he rose above Autism to have phenomenal people skills

• His success VS bipolar disorder

• His life purpose (he had tears of joy as he discovered what it was.)

• His struggle with compulsive gambling

• His issues with occasionally abusing alcohol

• The best lessons he has learned in his life

• His Army Cadet successes

• His Mission

Angus has had a passion for personal development for over 7 Years, and was a very successful Army Cadet from 2006 to 2012, this was before he faced the greatest adversities of his life between 2012-2017.

In his cadet career Angus reached the rank of Chief Warrant Officer which is the highest rank you can obtain in the program.

In 2012 Angus struggled with the onset of bipolar disorder and became incredibly depressed at the end of his Army Cadet career.

His Army Cadet career meant everything to him.

But as one door closed another opened and Angus took up competitive ball hockey in 2013, he still plays hockey to this day.

Angus is now captain of the Ottawa Knights ball hockey team of Hat Trick Ball Hockey League at the Vanier division.

Currently Angus is working on himself and he will definitely contribute his near daily insights; thoughts of his own journey on Win and Grin.

Angus studies winning because he wants success and fulfillment, and has created Win and Grin to share his own successes and the wisdom he has studied from other successful people.

Angus is looking forward to serving you powerfully, leading by example, moving up the ladder of life to the best of his ability; sharing the ups and the downs.

Feedback for Angus is great because he sees that anyone and everyone is here on Earth to conspire and help him make his dreams come true.

Every meeting with another person is a lesson, and we are only ever meeting ourselves as we go through life as the protagonist of our stories.

Angus’s movie is a drama/ inspirational genre.

Some people are born to experience other genres in their life; horror movies, action movies, romance movies and you get the idea.

We are all the protagonist of our spiritual journey and we are only ever meeting ourselves as we meet one another, each meeting facilitates the fulfillment of our life’s movie which is meant to be enjoyed.

First person experience allows you to witness a movie from the main characters point of view.

You the reader, are the main character.

I’m here to help you fulfill your destiny by fulfilling mine.


Angus has learned from A Course in Miracles that he is only ever meeting the versions of himself that provide him with the lessons necessary to advance in his journey.

Like in a video game, all characters conspire for the story’s unfoldment, you destiny is victory and your fate is how fast you emerge victorious.

Angus knows that,

“It’s all OK, and that everything is always going on exactly as it should.”

The frame of the story is set by God, and Angus knows that the speed of progress is up to his free will.

It can take years to be great or it can take longer, but Angus has God as his Co-Pilot to redirect him because he is off course 95% of the time – but he still makes it through the missions of life and passes with flying colours.

Like a video game player selecting his difficulty level, before Angus was born, he selected his game on the highest difficulty that earth has to offer.

This is why he has his struggles.

It’s not because he lacks anything.

Angus’s will to win is the great miracle in his life.

Angus knows that God gets us to our destiny without fail.

All that’s required is 3 things,

• Faith in the future

• Love of the present

• Acceptance of the past

That’s the most important hat trick!

Angus says,

“Check out any post that you are inspired to read, and please give me your truth when you deliver feedback, you the reader are my teacher, I’m at your service as the author.”

Let’s co-create a special website on WinandGrin!

With warmth, gratitude, and appreciation I will sign off on the about me page.

Angus Baynham-McColl

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