I’m Turning My Life Around

I’m turning my life around, 1 day at a time.

It starts with being honest, transparent, and vulnerable.

In order to become the worlds best law of attraction coach, I have to walk the walk and apply myself better in the area of law of attraction.

I have what it takes to do great things but I have to embrace vulnerability and stop trying to be a perfect coach.

I have what it takes to become great 👍

But will I?

This depends on me, and I have plenty of friends to support me along the way, I will begin by becoming more humble and taking on a learners mindset.

When I was in Army Cadets I became the Sergeant Major because I was humble first and foremost.

But pride came before my fall, and my struggle with mental illness started 5 years ago.

I have to slay my demons once and for all, and then I will be able to be a great mentor.

There are already niches of people I can coach, but that would be based on my lived experience.

That’s what I have to do, work from my experience and write my story each day!

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