My Greatest Obstacle is Myself (Part 2)

I have been a horrible obstacle to my own success as a 24 year old. The thing is I’ve made myself stuck living with a single mother that enables me and makes my life easy in some ways and hard in other ways.

She’s an alcoholic and I have been dealing with this for over 7 years. Recently she relapsed with drinking and I have been in the midst of the chaos at home. We have a co-dependant relationship where she always drinks and I have to put up with it. She also puts up with my financial problems and bails me out when I need help.

My dad died in 2004 when I was 10 years old, so I was raised by a single mother. Many kids of single mothers wind up in jail because they lack a father figure; I’ve done time as well in the past thanks to breaching a restraining order in 2013.

I was found NCR (Not Criminally Responsible) on the charges because my mental health issues of bipolar and high functioning autism prevented me from telling right from wrong.

Today is my only day of concern. I wish I could move out of my home today but I can’t, I’m stuck in this shitty environment and I have to put up with it and make the best of it.

My treatment team at the hospital is leaning towards putting me in a group home, an option I wouldn’t mind at this point.

Who am I to coach others when my circumstances are not enviable?

I’ve accomplished jack shit so far.

I need to be,

• Living on my own

• Making Good Money

• Be in great shape

• Be in better health mentally

• Hanging out with 5 great people on average

• Continuing to educate myself

And I know I can help people but I don’t want to be a scam artist or a hypocrite.

It’s important I have manifested what I want before I call myself a manifestation coach.

It’s frustrating because if I had 100K and a well organized life, I would be able to coach from a place of strength.

I need to take more conscious control of how I operate the Law of Attraction.

First things first,

“Enlightenment is the realization that everything is always going on exactly the way it should.”

So I’m in this shitty situation by virtue of divine order.

This means I will show gratitude, because all my subconscious doubts and negative programs are being brought to the light.

What I see is today the result of what I’ve believed yesterday.

Obviously yesterday’s beliefs need to change today so tomorrow’s reality can be better.

I want to create in my life,

• Stability

• Consistency

• Gratitude

• A good reputation

• Respectability

“Right now 24 years into my 82 year life, I’m like 8-12-4 – and out of the playoffs as well as below .500 on a 5 year losing streak.”

I need to start winning again, and I have my whole life ahead of me.

There was a time where I was the Sergeant Major of the GGFG unit at cadets.

But that was 6 years ago – the last time I was crushing it in life.

Then I let success get to my head, I got in trouble with the law and lost my success.

But the world hasn’t seen the last of me, I’m making a comeback!

I’m going to manifest what I want out of life without fail, just give it some time.

I can start by teaching my knowledge to others through social media, YouTube, Podcasts etc.

I’m a great teacher of knowledge, and I’ll never get around to applying all of it but I can teach much of it.

But the world needs my story so I’m sharing much of my own story this month.

And I’m making this blog about my own story.

Thanks for reading,


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