The Divine Hat-Trick

In order to be well off in your mindset you need 3 things,

• Faith in the future

• Love of the present

• Acceptance of the past

Faith, love and acceptance are the 3 things that operate the Law of Attraction to manifest a great life.

The measure of faith is the measure of success.

With faith any dream can be realized.

I have faith that I can rise above my circumstances, and I will because my state of being is rock solid.

I have zero anxiety about my future because I know everything is going according to script.

But I don’t always love the present, this is where I need work. I want results but I understand that all processes that lead to results come from the present moment.

Acceptance of my past is probably the aspect I excel the most at at – there is just no place for regret in my soul; because I know that it was all meant to be.

Life is not supposed to be serious, but I selected a seriously difficult life and I have lost touch with the playful attitude towards life that I had as a kid.

I need to regain my youth, and my face says a lot about that; I’m 24 and I appear 34 to some. I laugh about it, but I know that my serious energy is causing me to age faster than normal.

But I feel young and while I have a lot of old energy to let go of, I have to live in the present because that’s where happiness is found.

My buddy said, I will be so happy when I make my first million but if that’s all I care about I will feel like shit because I won’t know what’s next.

So I have to live in the now and work on myself.

Love is rendered in the now, and circumstances are dictated by the level of love one has.

So as ACIM says,

Everything is love or a call for love.

With thanks,

Angus Baynham-McColl

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