I Have Yet to Hit Rock Bottom – But Maybe I Don’t Have To

My list of problems are endless, l want to be successful by showing others what it takes to be successful.

I want to be a coach, but I’m on the verge of hitting rock bottom in my own life – I can’t be a life coach from a place of weakness.

My life is terrible and that’s not me being negative, that’s me being honest with myself. I’m on the verge of being put in a group home or putting myself in one because I’m not making any measure of progress at home.

I’m not getting along with my mother and I’m 24 and still living with her.

But if I complete the program at the group home, I will learn valuable life skills and how to live independently.

My mother has given me everything my whole life and still does, and as a 24 year old I feel pathetic about how dependent I am.

I resent my mother a lot for the way she has raised me, the net result of her parenting style is one where I am not self-reliant. And I’m 24 years old, and I resent my mother for enabling me.

I’d probably be a bum on the street if it wasn’t for my mother, that or I would be self-sufficient.

I’m going to give up some of my freedom and go to a group home and start anew when I get an opening at the home.

In the program I would learn:

• Life Skills

• Independence

• Mental Health Strategies

• Discipline

I never really had Self-discipline because even in Army Cadets I relied on passion instead of discipline, and I need to start developing it.

The Law of Attraction is great, but it’s not the only law.

The other law says that success often requires you to do the thing that is most emotionally difficult; that means getting up of my lazy ass and becoming self-sufficient.

I need to be able and willing to do cooking and cleaning – not just doing it – but doing it at a level of excellence.

When I learn to make food, I’m going to go above and beyond and take that skill to the limit – however I need to take small steps and set small goals.

I also need to get my mind off this woman I have been in love with for 8 years. I must find a way to let that go. That would be a massive demon relinquished if I could jump over the edge of letting go.

I know when I jump off that metaphorical edge, the net will appear and someone else will fill the void at the right time.

I have to have faith that I can let go, but right now recovery is my job and I’m space bound if I can reach my full potential.

But I have to take baby steps and cultivate infinite patience. It will be a long road back to get back in the game.

Here are some short term and small goals I have.

• Take my medication religiously, and exactly as prescribed.

• Keep my office and room clean

• Go to the gym 5 days a week with my buddy Jon

• Workout for 45 minutes per workout

• Walk for at least an hour a day

• Meditate for 5 minutes a day

• Treat my mother with more respect

• Tell my mother to leave it up to me to do things like making my own meals and tasks I should do myself

• Attend all my medical appointments

• Avoid spending money that is not for necessities

• Read what inspires me

• Take on the mindset of a student, I’m now in learning mode and each moment I talk to someone, there is something I can learn

• Continue to learn from books

• See my personal development coach and gain confidence

I will fight back slowly, but I will emerge victorious.

The number one thing I must do is develop discipline because the universe can conspire to help me, but that can only happen if I fully help myself.

I will pray like it all depends on God.

But I will act like it all depends on me.

I know that coaching is my passion, and I have to realize that Angus Baynham-McColl is my number 1 project and my business is myself.

Angus’s higher self sees through Angus’s first person lens and can’t wait to guide him through the most difficult journey that he will have to go through.

Angus’s higher self knows that there is an eternity to realize the dream of being a great coach. There is no need to rush – but it starts with doing the ordinary things in an extraordinary way.

I saw a Tai Lopez video about Arnold (one of my great hero’s) and why he became so successful, and it came down to this one thing, and that is,


Never waste one decision, and always choose the one that is more emotionally difficult.

This applies to me,

I have to go uphill to succeed, no matter how hard that is, it’s all on me; the Universe may give me some luck at the same time.

But I’m not looking for luck, I’m looking to win without luck.

Luck is a bonus from the universe that happens when you work hard.

I’m bright but right now my work ethic sucks.

Hard workers always win over talented people, and I’m underachieving in life because of my lack of work ethic.

In hockey I would hate to play against myself, I work my ass off on the floor.

Without skill I was still 3rd on my team

In points.

What I must do is translate my hockey work ethic into life work ethic.

With that being said I’m off to play some hockey now!

Thanks for reading,


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