Practicing Unwavering Self-Acceptance

Practicing Unwavering Self-Acceptance

When you start to offer your gifts to humanity, the universe will resist your efforts to see how serious you are about helping humanity.

I thought my self-acceptance and frame was solid; that all I had to do was persist and everything would work out well.

But no,

On Friday night I was talking with my friend about my coaching business and I made a massive Law of Attraction mistake, and by learning from it I will only become a stronger coach.

My friend makes me think to myself:

“I have to look at myself first, I’m not ready to coach because I have yet to accomplish my own journey to the promised land.”

I acknowledged this and said:

“Ok buddy, you’re right.”

I even put a halt to my coaching practice.

And with that my confidence dropped, and this happened because I wavered from the frame that took me through a very successful week of coaching.

My buddy inspired doubt within, and this is great because when I regained faith and self-acceptance – it became stronger than ever before.

It takes arrogance, audacity and self-acceptance to be great!

Humble people will learn a lot, but it takes some ego to assume the role of teacher.

I remain high in ego and humble at the proper times. This is called good confidence.

You have to have the audacity to say that you can help someone else, even when you’re not perfect – (in fact only God is perfect.)

I have (Unwavering Self-Acceptance) because I have come to the realization that,

“Everything is always going on exactly the way it should.”

“I’m blessed if I coach; I’m blessed if I don’t.”

My friend made me realize the value of my story; I’m brilliant, but that I should help myself first. This is a half truth, as is almost everything.

I’m not always brilliant, like many others, I have done stupid mistakes in my life.

To contradict him,

I would say that the sage focuses on helping others without too much worry for himself – the sage puts himself last and focuses solely on service to others.

I don’t have to be perfect to share my gifts, and there are no false prerequisites to helping other people.

I have plenty to offer, and I have to be generous and give for givings sake.

My goal is to practice generosity as much as possible, because there is no greater purpose then service to others.

And so I march on with coaching, but without the money hunger, my friend reminded me money is not the object of the game.

I’m here to give first and foremost.

Also, I will improve my life alongside people; I wont wait till I’m perfect before helping people.

I have what it takes, and I won’t allow anyone to knock me off balance or doubt myself anymore.

My faith, love and acceptance are at an all time high!

With gratitude,

Angus Baynham-McColl

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