The Spectrum of Wisdom is Round

The acts of the highest wisdom often appear the most foolish because higher wisdom is counterintuitive, while regular wisdom is 180 degrees opposite of both the most foolish and the great sages.

True foolishness is both 90 degrees from conventional wisdom and higher wisdom.

My thought of being drug free in mental health is one of higher wisdom, but my execution was foolish in the past. So I was a fool because of how I did it, and I was coming from a place of resentment as I did it. I was in between common sense and sagehood when I made the choice in the past.

Now I’m going to do this goal one day so I can inspire others, but my doctor is 180 degrees apart from me on this issue; he is of conventional wisdom.

My wisdom is counter intuitive and geared towards the fulfillment of my higher destiny of inspiring people.

So I am a fool if I’m wrong and a sage if I’m successful.

The why for beginning, and the final outcome are the determining factors to declare weather I am a fool or a sage.

Judge not my actions till we see the net result.

Higher wisdom is for living your dreams, lower wisdom is for minding your reality.



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