Affirm Until Successful

I will affirm,

“I am a rich millionaire right now.”

I will affirm it until I am successful; I must convince my subconscious mind that I am rich and powerful. This starts with more persistence in thought.

When you first use affirmations the subconscious will resist your efforts to see if you are serious. You will not feel emotions from your affirmations right away.

The truth is that affirmations plant the seeds for miracles.

When I was more confident and powerful in 2011-2012 I used my reality creation abilities to manifest for the benefit of helping the Ottawa Senators win. The team went about 34-16 when I visualized them winning and 6-16 when I didn’t – the real numbers are slightly different but I’m going by memory.

Now I must use my thoughts to influence my own life.

I will practice unwavering faith to think, feel, and act as a millionaire that commands his reality with authority!

There is no doubt in my mind that I will gain the world!

With thanks,


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