When Feeling Resistance – Do Nothing

I need to meditate more and visualize more.

Right now I have a lot of inner resistance and I’m in a state where I’m lacking belief because I’m in such a dark place mentally.

All affirmations of faith are not translating into subconscious feelings – it’s like I’m hitting a brick wall because I’m feeling negative already.

Last week I felt so positive but the measure of the swing to the left is the measure of the swing to the right.

This is why I’m feeling so down this week.

Therefore I need to transcend the law of rhythm by taking advantage of the law of polarity to stick to the positive side of the scale.

It’s not easy to stay positive when my world is so negative and my whole deck of cards is against me.

Therefore I have to find my center through stillness.

That way inspiration can flow back to me because I’ll have access to better feeling thoughts.

The struggle is real,



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