Why I Want to Learn Game

I want to learn game because,

I have always had subpar results with woman and have recently let go of an 8 year battle against ONE-ITIS.

I loved beyond the point of hurt and realized “fuck it, I’m letting go.”

I let go of this woman because I came to the realization that I must “ditch the bitch and mind the grind.”

And I want to learn game even though I’m totally broke and working on myself.

I think game is a worthwhile investment because I will learn better people skills and have more results with women.

Whoever said “the right person will magically find me” is only kidding themselves.

I have to learn game.

I have to learn how to apply and do the following,

• Show I’m a fun guy and appeal to a woman’s emotional nature.

• Take the lead

• Take social risks

• Have an abundance mentality

• Not give a fuck, and not give a fuck about giving a fuck

• Make advances

So yeah, I have lots of reasons to learn game.

And I will learn game!



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