The Warrior Must Resist Disapproval From Others

The warrior doesn’t fear disapproval, he doesn’t care if his friends and family disapprove of his thoughts, feelings, and actions.

The authentic man (the warrior) will stay true to himself even in the face of disapproval.

It takes great strength to go your own way when others don’t approve.

For example,

When I aspire to be an author, speaker, and coach – my friends tell me “that will never work, get a Monday to Friday just like everyone else.”

I realize that some of my friends are coming from a place of jealousy and insecurity.

And they only want to bring me down.

Any friend that is worth anything to me

will be behind me all the way.

This is why I must be very selective about the company I hang with.

Now good friends will give me advice, but at the end of the day I am the judge, and am responsible for my own life so I must be selective about the advice I accept.

If the advice doesn’t make me feel more confident or teach me a valuable lesson, then I often disregard it.

One piece of great advice that I got recently from an acquaintance was that I should focus on motivational speaking instead of coaching.

The reason for that advice was that speaking is more viable to the marketplace, I would have more success as a speaker because of my story and how I talk rather than coaching one on one.

But I digress,

Anyone on the heroes journey will face disapproval and be shunned by their friends; family UNTIL they succeed.

Success is all about sticking to your own truth.

And that’s what I vow to do.



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