The Most Hopeless Situation

The Most Hopeless Situation I’ve Encountered as a Man

In 2010 when I was 16 years old, I met a very attractive woman in my apartment building that was also the exact same age as I was. She went to a different high school but we lived in the same building.

For me, it was a love at first sight situation, this woman was very beautiful and I quickly put her on a pedestal and made her out to be the best woman in the whole world. Read More

How I Helped My Pro Sports Team Win 6 Years ago Using the Law of Attraction

In this article I’m going to explain how I used the law of attraction to help the Ottawa Senators win in 2011-2012.

Before the 2012 season started, the media and fans thought the team would be close to last in the NHL because they were in the beginning of a major rebuild. Read More

God, Dimensions, Time, Space, and Consciousness

There is Only One Consciousness

Have you ever verified that another conscious being exists in the universe?

I have never verified that another person is conscious.

I also sense that even my own body is not self-aware, and has no intrinsic property of its own.
If I go to sleep, I have NO body until I wake up again.

When humanity changes the way it sees the body by looking at it under the microscope, it actually changes the body for that particular moment. This seemingly creates an explanation for how the body works. I’m saying that there are no cells that make up the body until you observe them under the microscope.
Nothing is real until it’s viewed.

Zooming in to find an explanation of how something works can only go so far before the universe decides to render another explanation. Reality itself has NO SUBSTANCE to it.

What you see in the present moment is exactly what is real; it is nothing more and nothing less. Read More

Machiavellian Maxims – 1-10

“If an injury has to be done to a man it should be so severe that his vengeance need not be feared.” – Niccolo Machiavelli

1. – Any and all weaknesses can be used against you, and in conflict, will be. As such, weaponise your weaknesses by making them known; hide them in plain sight. Wear your weaknesses like armour, flaunt them, and you deprive your opponents the use of ammunition that would otherwise discredit you.

2. – If weakness is speculated, deny it. If weakness is known, spin it. If it is directly observed, dismiss it. Should it look profitable, leverage it for status in the victimhood hierarchy.

3. – Justification can only exist in respectful exchanges. When you are disliked, justifications are deemed excuses, your guilt, pre-determined. Read More

Men are Like The Movie, Women are Like the Viewers

Do you need looks, a great job, or wads of cash to be the man in a great woman’s life?

Fuck no,

You simply need to make the woman feel a range of emotions.

Most women will think and say they want a hot jacked guy with money in the bank, but they really want something else.

Women don’t know how to put what they want into words because it’s so simple.

The only thing that matters to a woman is feeling good! Read More