There is No Need to Do Anything

If I have no inspiration, it’s because God hasn’t given me marching orders.

We all have this nagging feeling that we must be doing something, but with every work period comes a rest period. The important thing is to go with the flow and rest when you feel inclined to rest.

You may go days, weeks, months, or years working on end, and you may go years without doing anything substantial, but that’s Ok.

After meditation today I have come to the realization that I don’t have to do anything, this is the ego trying to be in control. The thing is though, since everything happens in divine order, there is no need to force anything.

Rather then being an ass kicker that is focused “doing” and “striving” for success, I want to accept myself for the fact that I work better through surrender, not self-control.

Some would say that’s conduct unbecoming of a real man, but surrender actually elevates my consciousness more then trying to dominate my life does.

Surrender encompasses action, but I will only act when I feel so inspired to do so that I won’t have any trouble resisting. I won’t be acting to gain more power and control, my actions will be done because I want to express myself authentically according to my present moment truth. I will relinquish ALL attachment to where my life goes and simply go my own way following that which I enjoy the most.

There is no need for me to get rich or make millions so I can feel better later, it’s about waking up every day and appreciating what I have while doing exactly what I’m inspired to do.

That’s what surrender is all about.

I’ll be happy if I act, I’ll be happy if I don’t, and I’ll be in a state of acceptance when I’m out of alignment.

It’s not about radical control, it’s about radical acceptance.

So I’m going to do what I’m inclined to do without trying to be perfect.



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