Men are Like The Movie, Women are Like the Viewers

Do you need looks, a great job, or wads of cash to be the man in a great woman’s life?

Fuck no,

You simply need to make the woman feel a range of emotions.

Most women will think and say they want a hot jacked guy with money in the bank, but they really want something else.

Women don’t know how to put what they want into words because it’s so simple.

The only thing that matters to a woman is feeling good!

A real man can give a woman emotional stimulation, if a man can’t do that, then he’s fucked.

You must be good at making a woman feel good, by good I mean excited, you also want her to also fear losing you and not the other way around. If you make her feel good and provide an emotionally stimulating experience for her, she will be attracted to you.

“Women are like movie spectators, and men are like the movies.” – Angus Baynham-McColl

Every man has a movie that his life is, his mission – this is what I’m talking about.

Right now my movie is about winning an HTBHL cup and establishing my career as an inspirational writer that can educate people about success.

My movie involves my fight from the bottom of the barrel in life by being resilient in the face of mental illness, and being victorious at hockey.

I will make millions of dollars because I will assist millions of people by the time my life is all said and done.

My movie is inspirational, motivational, triumphant, and all about winning, grinning and making the greatest story I can possibly make.

If my movie had a name it would be GUTS – GLORY – BAYNHAM!

If the movie you are creating causes an emotional rollercoaster ride, that’s great. When we go to see the movies we want an emotionally stimulating experience. We go to the movies to feel something. Women gravitate to exciting men so they can feel excited, and feel a range of emotions.

A woman wants to be drawn into your world, if your mission is to inspire then she wants to feel your ability to inspire. A woman wants to sense your true power and strength in life. A woman doesn’t care what you do in life. What matters is how well you do it. Are you giving it your all in life? Do you have that masculine attitude where you don’t give a flying fuck about anything other than your own glory?

I admit; I want a woman in my life so that when I have my moments of glory – I can have my number one fan there to appreciate it.

My ideal woman is my ideal fan, and I’m her ideal man.

I’m the source of all love in her life, and she’s the receiver of my love.

Having a woman in my life gives me the feeling that I have my audience; this means my performance begins to matter that much more. My goal to win an HTBHL cup is a big part of my mission right now, and they say that behind every man is an amazing woman. This is because nothing exists without an observer, and without an audience, there is no movie.

If a movie is great but it’s played in front of an empty theatre…it means jack shit.

Men want multiple woman in their lives because it gives them a feeling of having a large audience and the audience is indicative of the level of respect that a man has.

What is your movie about and why would a woman want to see your movie and be a part of the show?

I am the star of my show, the captain of my ball hockey team, the author of my life, and the victor of my adversity. I am also the creator of my reality!

So to sum up,

A woman wants to be along for the ride in a movie with MEANING. This is why it’s so important for a man to have a purpose.

When you have a purpose and a MASSIVE purpose at that – it will attract women. Think about the genre of your movie and archetypes. It’s important that you represent a type of main character in your movie of life.

For me, I’m a man of wisdom, and success in everything I attempt to do. I’m powerful and I’ve set the goal to acquire millions of dollars within 10 years and whenever I tell a woman that I have the goal to be a millionaire they always have a smile on their face. Grandiosity never hindered a man’s chances of getting laid and attracting a partner.

When it comes to attracting woman, you need to have a massive ego because woman are attracted to POWER, be the star of your own show!

Until Next Time,

Angus Baynahm-McColl

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