God, Dimensions, Time, Space, and Consciousness

There is Only One Consciousness

Have you ever verified that another conscious being exists in the universe?

I have never verified that another person is conscious.

I also sense that even my own body is not self-aware, and has no intrinsic property of its own.

If I go to sleep, I have NO body until I wake up again.

When humanity changes the way it sees the body by looking at it under the microscope, it actually changes the body for that particular moment. This seemingly creates an explanation for how the body works. I’m saying that there are no cells that make up the body until you observe them under the microscope.

Nothing is real until it’s viewed.

Zooming in to find an explanation of how something works can only go so far before the universe decides to render another explanation. Reality itself has NO SUBSTANCE to it.

What you see in the present moment is exactly what is real; it is nothing more and nothing less.

There is nothing to anything except for its appearance.

Without consciousness nothing can exist because appearance is equal to existence.

I can’t have a body if there is no consciousness to experience it.

There are no other thinkers or feelers in your universe, there is only you.

Other people speak and project feelings, but how do you know the people are real, and not just actors that seem to be acting in your own movie?

The Astral Realm

In the astral realm, we discover that the content of experience is a reflection of the experiencer’s state of thought and emotion.

If you feel fear and negativity in the astral realm, you will see forms which reflect your own fear back to you.

For instance, if you fear hell while in the astral realm, you may see demons and ugly creatures. On the other hand, if you feel peaceful and serene while in the astral realm, you may see angels and beautiful figures.

Nothing can actually hurt you in the astral realm because everything is a reflection of what you’re thinking. You may feel pain or hurt, but the hurt can’t hurt you. This is because you are the witness feeling the hurt, but not the thing being hurt. Since your true essence is pure nothingness, you are invincible and are guaranteed eternal existence.

In any aspect of reality, there is nothing that can actually be hurt.

Hurt is merely a sensation, the real you cannot be damaged. In the astral realm you have a body, but you don’t identify with it because you know that the entire astral realm is an illusion.

The astral realm has 3 dimensions of space and no dimensions of time. This is why things can appear and disappear without continuity and the whole realm can be nonsensical.

You can go in a house in the astral where the inside is much bigger than the outside because there is no linear time.

The astral realm features only 3 dimensions of space in the PRESENT MOMENT. There is only an astral house viewed from relation to the now. So if you lose sight of the outside of the house, there is no simulator that renders the exact same house that you saw on the outside to the one you are now inside. Structure is discontinuous in the astral realm. This is because the past – present – and future in the astral realm are fundamentally discontinuous. The outside of the house you saw in the previous moment has no bearing on the house you will see inside during the following moment. This is because there is no TIME to hold the illusion into a framework that makes logical sense. So don’t be surprised if you see a small house with a massive inside in the astral realm.

In the astral there is only one experiencer, and we know that because form changes IMMEDIALTEY in response to thoughts and emotions. Form changes near instantly so we can infer that we are the only conscious being in that realm.

All other beings just appear to be conscious beings in accordance with the law of belief. As you believe, you will see and this effect is much more immediate in the astral realm simply because there is no time to act as the buffer between thought and reality.

The Physical Realm

I can’t verify that other people have thoughts and feelings.

This is because I can’t actually perceive other peoples thoughts or feel their own feelings.

Even my own body doesn’t have thoughts or feelings. My body is where the feelings and thoughts seem to come from, but I know that my body is nothing more than an animation of consciousness. My body doesn’t actually produce intentions of its own, and I have no control over the body except when I am aware of how I’m directing it, and manipulating it with my thoughts.

If I think to get up and walk somewhere, I can do that.

My body is the most malleable object in the physical universe. In fact it’s so malleable that I think my own body is me. This is because I can move the body and control the body. Wherever my awareness is, so is my body. But I know that I’m not my body. My body is an animation produced and observed by consciousness. I know this because the only thing about me that has been steady since I was born is the observation that “I’m conscious, I have always been conscious, and I have always existed.”

The universe started when I was 3 years old and became self-aware, and while the illusion that the simulation renders actually implies that the universe has existed since the big bang – I know that there was no big bang. The only thing that is physically real to me is right now. The past and future add 2 other dimensions to time and without those 2 dimensions there would otherwise just be a present moment experience. I add that the past and future are illusions, just like height, length, and depth. Only here and now are actually real.

I’m also saying that only nothingness is real, here is nothing, and now is nothing.

But past, present, future, height, length, depth, and consciousness are all something within the non-thing that is nothingness.

Consciousness created the 6 dimensions that surround itself to create a simulation to take part in, and a framework with which to explore limitation and develop power.

The explanation of the big bang was a mind fuck that came into my awareness. This was to create the appearance that the universe transcended my birth and will eventually transcend my death.

Upon birth, the notion of time begins, and upon death – time restarts.

Time and space are both suspended during deep sleep. The next day you wake up with memories that imply you are in the same bed you slept in the night before. But there was no night before, and that bed is merely a physical duplicate of the memory of the bed you slept in the night before. It’s not the same one though.

Your mind is constructing the ENTIRE experience of time and space as a simulation.

The notion of the big bang didn’t exist until I became aware of that notion, and it only exists while I’m thinking about it.

The universe doesn’t have atoms or molecules composing it unless I look for them under a microscope. Only when particles appear under the microscope are they actually real. But as soon as you look at the bigger picture of something, that becomes its real substance. Under a microscope the body is made of cells, but from the regular point of view the substance of the body is the body itself.

Zooming in changes appearance, but tells you nothing about actual substance.

The illusion God put you in was designed to appear like it has actual substance beyond its appearance so that God can hide from itself.

The reality is you will never find God in the 3D world, and science will always have evidence that God isn’t real because that’s how powerful God is. God hid from you so well and deceived you so well that you look for God all over the place. You may find evidence of God, but you will never find proof. All science will find are God’s ideas and inventions that imply the existence of a God but can’t prove God.

The big creator God is basically taunting the little Human God by saying; “HERE I AM EVERYWHERE – BUT YOU WILL NEVER FIND ME ANYWHERE YOU CAN LOOK.”

This is because that which is looked at is NOT GOD. That which looks is GOD.

Everything that is viewed is an invention of God, made manifest in perfect sequence within time and space, but you will not find proof of God. You will find plenty of implication for God, but YOU are the actual God. You are the nothingness that contains ALL OF THIS!

You have limited your own power so much that you are in your own simulation, and while you have an idea that a super-intelligent being created the simulation, what you may fail to realize is that you are the creator of that simulation. And you put yourself in the simulation so you could see the glory of your own creation. You wanted to see how powerful you are, so you assumed powerlessness in order to see your own power made manifest. You also assumed powerlessness so that you could develop power.

The universe was designed by YOU, with mind fucks that were designed by you before you came into linear time.

You are GOD, and the only consciousness in the universe, you created other people before being born as a limited being so that you could interact with the contents of your own awareness.

At the start of the universe (OUTSIDE OF TIME) was an eternal bliss where everything that existed was right here and right now, there was no sequence to events. It was like imagination without a physical reality, very chaotic and non-linear. The imagination is actually God, or consciousness, and the 7th dimension of consciousness is what runs how the other 6 dimensions manifest themselves. You could also say consciousness is dimension number 1, but for the sake of this model it’s the 7th dimension.

Outside of time and space there was only the now, there was no space that events were occurring in, and they didn’t occur in any order whatsoever.

First humans were imagined, and then in another moment, the Earth was imagined, then in the next moment, an Orange was imagined lets say.

When God was in eternity without being in time, he envisioned things the same way your imagination does now. The ideal forms were appearing in chaotic order with no sequence to it. The 7th dimension on its own was much like an unsolved jigsaw puzzle with all the pieces in view but without the right order.

The puzzle needed to be assembled.

In linear time the puzzle of all the ideal forms imagined got assembled in sequence. This started from the micro and developed into the macro. The macro was imagined first by the creator along with the most elegant and evolved aspects of reality, but the micro was manifested first in physical reality so it could lay the foundation for the grand design.

In evolution the lower forms are made to support the higher forms, the higher forms transcend the lower forms, the lower forms support the higher forms. Evolution is very slow at the beginning but increases with exponential speed.

The human being was the highest form of evolution designed by God.

Humanity will not evolve in form any further, but will evolve in consciousness because humanity was the form from which consciousness was able to emerge.

The universe became self-aware the moment humanity became real.

In evolution there are no species that evolve into other species gradually. Evolution occurs rapidly when it does. One form doesn’t lead to another; each species was designed for its own purpose.

Whatever was imagined in eternity appeared immediately in God’s eye.

There was also very little free will in eternity as all possibilities were available in the present moment, and all was known. There was no ability to do anything at all because everything was done. Everything was known by God from the 7th dimensional vantage point. It’s like being in a video game where you understand the game fully and are everywhere on all possible maps at once, and doing everything in the game at the same time. There was infinite power to create, but zero challenge because everything was known.

So naturally God decided to create a place where one event happened at a time and many events could occur in a single space.

In God’s native state, it’s the opposite because one event happens in a place but all possible events happen at the same time because time wasn’t constructed in the realm of eternity.

Adding height, length and depth gave God the ability to make more than one thing happen in the same place because there was finally the construction of a “place” with more than one point in space.

In fact the 3D construct made it possible for there to be a point in space.

Before the 6 dimensions were constructed, there was only knowledge and thought which had no place to manifest in any reality outside of eternity.

There was no way God could interact with anything without the 6 dimensions that are the glue that hold reality into a construct.

A place has the properties of height, length, and depth. This allows things to “happen” within it. In eternity there was only space for that which was imagined and it disappeared into oblivion as soon as something else that was imagined appeared.

The most brilliant things were imagined (before time and space) in no particular order and with no free will from the creator. It was just unconscious intelligence spewing info into conscious awareness.

At the start there was 1 dimension and 2 sub-dimensions.

  1. God
  2. Here
  3. Now

That’s what eternity is.

But in physical reality there are 7 Dimensions.

  1. God
  2. Space: (Height – Length – Depth)
  3. Time (Past – Present – Future)

In eternity, everything exists in its ideal form. Plato would agree with me on the fact that all manifestations in the universe are based on an idea in the mind of God.

The reason God created a framework of time and space is so you could experience your own creation in its proper sequence. Everything in its ideal form had to evolve from a previous form. But the basic forms were thought of last not first. God thought of the end result, even though the first cause happened first, God began with the end in mind but creation started with the beginning in form.

There was NO TIME that events were occurring before time except NOW.

Then God in his infinite wisdom created a FINITE universe with the 3 DIMENSIONAL SPACE, and 3 DIMENSIONAL TIME so that a Universe of 6 Dimensions outside of yourself could exist.

The 6 dimensions are an illusion within the 7th Dimension which is the observer. The 7th Dimension is consciousness. We have the 3 dimensions of space and the 3 dimensions of time.

Space can also be called “the here.” Time can also be called “the now.” The 7th dimension of consciousness or “God” created the other 6 dimensions to create a framework of which to organize a place and time for the sequence of events to occur, so that there was one experience after another.

It’s important to realize that there is no PAST or FUTURE.

Everything that is happening is RIGHT NOW.

What you do right now will influence the next right now and also what you perceive to have happened in the past. But realize there is not a past, just a perceived past. There is only the present moment. The past is an explanation for how the present moment came about, and believing in a past can influence your results in the present. There is no objective past. There is also no future whatsoever. This is because when the future arrives, the present arrives along with it. There is no getting out of the present moment. As viewed so appears, and there is not a past which makes up the present moment, the present moment spawns from nothing. Substance and sequence are illusory.

Consciousness is the observer and creator of reality. For something to exist it must be observed. It’s consciousness that both makes something exist (renders existence) in the present moment and takes in the experience at the same time.

You are GOD in subjective reality.

Other people are simple manifestations of your most fundamental and specific expectations.

Other people have no thoughts or feelings or intentions of their own. That is unless you have delegated YOUR creative power to other beings in the universe.

More to come,

Thanks for reading,

Angus Baynham-McColl

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  1. Thought provoking and deep. I can relate to most of what you wrote here. I have also realized that I cannot be certain of anything unless I am experiencing it in the present moment (even if it is a dream while sleeping). In other words, I don’t know anything except the present awareness . Everything else is dependent on faith.

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