How I Helped My Pro Sports Team Win 6 Years ago Using the Law of Attraction

In this article I’m going to explain how I used the law of attraction to help the Ottawa Senators win in 2011-2012.

Before the 2012 season started, the media and fans thought the team would be close to last in the NHL because they were in the beginning of a major rebuild.

But I thought, if the team can win one game , they can definitely win the 40 or so it would take to make the playoffs. The Law of Attraction can’t make the impossible possible, but it can make the improbable more probable.

My task would be to change my thoughts and emotions to become a fan that is used to the team winning games. I would have to avoid feeling frustrated, and develop a belief in my subconscious mind that the team is good. If I believed in the team and had perfect faith, that faith would have to be reflected back to me through results.

I knew if I could have a belief in the Sens that EVERYTHING went right, then it would. I knew if Spezza had 80 points, if Alfie had 25 goals, if Karlsson had 50 points, if Gonchar had a better year, if Anderson was solid and more, that the team could make the playoffs.

Weather the team played to their potential or not was up to me.

If the Sens had a shitty year it was because I was broadcasting doubt, indifference, or apathy towards the team. If I broadcasted an energy that they may win or may lose, then the games might go either way. If I broadcasted the belief that they were VERY LIKELY to win – then they would win more often then not.

The version of the team that shows up within my consciousness is a reflection of the state of consciousness I have at the present moment and from the residual past.

So like the Sens motto for 2012 was, I knew it was my task to “Believe it.” I knew that before the team made the playoffs. And I took the teams state under my responsibility, while I also knew that I needed 1 thing to influence the team.


I had to WANT the Sens to win.

The reason I didn’t influence the Sens to win in 2018 is because I haven’t cared about the team that much. Hence they could win or lose regardless of my mental influence. But when I have desire and belief without attachment to how the team wins, then the NHL should look the hell out.

The universe is a hologram meaning if one small person changes their mind about something, the entire universe must comply and reflect the change in the world without. This is because rotation of events start with the center piece of the universe which never moves, and that piece is your consciousness.

“Change the way you see things, and the dream will comply by changing what you actually see.” – Angus Baynham-McColl

Connection VS Attachment

Connection means loving what you desire and intending for it to manifest in your life, attachment is taking things to the extreme all the way to the point where you couldn’t be happy without your desire manifesting.

Unhappiness is attachment and pushes your desire further away.

Happiness is connection and brings your desire closer to you.

Attachment keeps you locked in a vibration that doesn’t match the reality you want to manifest; connection locks you into the exact vibration that will attract your desired outcome.

When I was watching the Sens in 2010-2011 I was ATTACHED to the outcome of games and the team lost most games because I was attracting the WORST VERSION OF THE TEAM INTO MY REALITY!

I didn’t know my thoughts and emotions collapsed the wave function of possibility into a function of certainty. I didn’t know about the LOA or quantum physics until April 2011.

I didn’t know I could use my mind to alter the probable future of the team.

I would doubt the team, curse at the screen, and get pissed off at losses; little did I know my emotional state was reflected back to me by the performance of the team.

Eventually when the games didn’t matter and I became curious about the games near the end of the season, I became more connected to the games. As a result the team improved.

After learning psychic influence in May 2011 I aimed to make the Boston Bruins win game 6 of the cup final by a score of 5-2. I was able to prove to myself that psychic influence was possible.

I was successful and the Bruins won Game 6 of the 2011 final 5-2.

The next season (2011-2012) the Sens cleaned house and changed coaches.

They hired Paul MacLean who was a very good coach, and a very positive energy within the collective consciousness of the franchise.

I would meditate and then visualize the team winning before every game I had the chance to.

I blessed the team with my FOCUSED INTENTION!

The Sens started the season 1-5, in the 71st Sens game I went to, the team lost 7-1. This synchronicity proved to me that my intention would prevail and the team’s faults would be quickly discovered and fixed.

The next week at my 72nd Sens game the team lost 7-2 VS Philly.

I was at the game late in the 3rd, the Sens were trailing 4-1. I thought “hey my 71st game was 7-1.” Then Philly scored 3 straight goals to lead 7-1 with a minute remaining.

Then Erik Karlsson made it 7-2 and the team left the ice 1-5, embarrassed and rock bottom was hit.

My doubts and attachments were alleviated, and the serendipity enhanced my FAITH!

The Sens beat the Jets 4-1 to improve to 2-5.

The Sens then played CLB and scored the game opening goal with 13:13 on the clock.

I decided to hold the picture in my mind of the team emerging victorious for the WHOLE GAME.

They would be losing 3-2 with 1 minute left.


Penalties were called, and Chris Neil got a misconduct instead of a roughing minor.

Alfie drew a penalty instead of a Penalty shot.

The Sens played 4 on 4 in the final minute with the net empty.

Spezza ties the game at 3.

Ottawa’s penalty expires with the Sens attacking; Sens win my 74th Sens game with 4.7 Seconds left!

They would win 3-2 in CAR to make their record 4-5.

Then VS FLA the game was tied at 3 with 1 minute left, my friend says “regulation win” – Foligno scored the GWG with 3.5 seconds left!

The ending was almost an exact replica of the Columbus game, the score was also 4-3.

In NY the Sens were losing 4-1 before the 3rd VS NYR – I intervened and attracted a different outcome from the universe by vividly imagining the team leaving the ice with a W!

They would make it 4-4 and win the shootout!

Then they beat the Leafs 3-2 the next night.

I doubted they could beat Boston, and surely Boston won 5-3.

Before the Nov 29th 2011 game VS WPG I visualized Smith scoring goals. Smith actually Scored twice including a PPG.

When asked why Smith was on the Power play. Paul MacLean said, “I just had a hunch to put him out there.”

On Feb 9 2012 Chris Phillips was playing game 1000, I had a hunch Phillips would have a special night; he scored 2 goals in game 1000!

On the 84th day of the year the Sens playoff hopes were up in the air, and they needed to win 4 out the remaining 7 games to make it.

I was losing faith in the weeks leading up to this, because the team’s offense was very dry.

So I visualized the team scoring goal after goal. I visualized good saves.

After the 1st the Sens were losing 2-1.

Then Gonchar, Phillips, and Turris scored in fast succession to flip the score from being down double to up by double.

Pittsburgh scored to make it 4-3!

Then with 3:53 left Daniel Alfredsson made it a 5-3 game!

Sid the Kid made it 5-4 with Andy in net for the 3rd.

Then Spezza made it 6-4 with 6:44 left!

The Sens would win 8-4 on the 84th day of 2012!

They would also win 3 more games to make the playoffs.

I then wanted the Sens to face the Rangers, so I intended for that.

The Sens lost 3 in a row to fall to 8th and face NYR!

In game 4 of the Rangers series, I was on the phone with my buddy before overtime, the same guy who said the Sens would beat FLA in regulation. He said Kyle Turris would win the game! He was right!

Then in game 5 I visualized the Sens winning 2-0 with Spezza scoring both goals.

I did this by picturing the 3 stars as “Anderson, Lundqvist and Spezza!”

Spezza scored all the goals in the game! 2-0 Sens!

The Sens would lose to the NYR but they had a magical season that fans will never forget.

Reality is a reflection of self and serendipity occurs when you are using forces greater then yourself to manifest an INTENT!

The Sens were 6-14-3 when I didn’t visualize and 34-16-9 when I did visualization prior to games.

In the playoffs I was more ATTACHED again and doubt prevailed as I struggled to raise my state of being to a positive one before game 7.


Note; in 2015 when HAMMOND made his first Start in Goal the thought came to my mind “ANDREW HAMMOND WILL CATCH FIRE!”


Ottawa made the playoffs by MIRACLE!

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Until next time,

The man,

Angus Baynham-McColl

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