My 30 Day Journal Challenge – Day 1 – Letting Go

Here’s how I FINALLY let go of the woman I wanted after 8 years of struggle.

After 8 years of being obsessed with a girl I couldn’t possibly be with, I finally let her go because something more important took her place.

That something is my life purpose.

My life purpose is worded below,

“To show the people I share autism with that anything is possible by setting an inspired example.”

I work with clients who have autism as a one on one mentor.

I have autism myself and I want to inspire my clients by setting the best possible example and share wisdom gained from my lived experience.

My coaching practice currently consists of 2 friends that don’t have autism, and 2 clients who I share autism with.

My goal is to work Monday to Saturday and have 20 clients for at least an hour a week each.

I’m sort of inching towards that goal on a daily basis, I have so set timeline yet. But my hope is that in less than 1 year I will get there.

So now that I have a life purpose, it’s so much easier to let thoughts of this woman leave my mind.

Those are my thoughts for the day,

More to come tomorrow.

Angus Baynham-McColl

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