My 30 Day Journal Challenge – Day 5 – Frequency

Every human mind/brain is like a walkie talkie, meaning that you will only be able to communicate with other minds that are on the same channel or close to the same channel as you.

Anyone coming into your perception is always on the same channel as you or within reach of your channel.

But the people that you are on the exact frequency as, are the people that you will communicate best with and understand the most easily.

I also know that people of similar frequency are the people that I have the easiest time talking to.

We all have our own universe and the reason we can perceive and communicate with each other is because we are on the same resonance. There is no out there as such. It’s all waves collapsed into particles. Or to put it another way, it’s possibility collapsed into certainty because like a walkie talkie the wave is converted into something tangible like sound.

The brain serves the walkie talkie because it converts frequency into content that is experienced as 3D space and time.

The universe is ALL frequency and you have to be attuned to collective frequency to function in the world. If you get too high in frequency – people who are on lower frequency will not understand your words and actions even if they seem brilliant to you.

I always want to adjust my frequency to the person I’m talking with or I will hold my frequency where it is and allow them to meet me where I’m at.

There is no out there,

Out there is a mirror, not a window, and if you don’t like what you see in the mirror, you must adjust your channel and allow the mirror to reflect that back to you.

The main thing to take away from this is that you are consciousness, and your universe is your mirror.

Fix your consciousness, and your problems will evaporate – and so will everyone else’s.

There is no separation between minds – all Mind is one mind.

We just experience separation because we live in a body but perceive other bodies.

But really everyone you see exists inside your mind, nobody can deny that.

The mind is not in the head – the head is inside the mind.

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