30 Day Journal Challenge – Day 8 – Seeing the Divine

“The reason I know God exists is because I didn’t use reason to discover God. First I discovered God then the reasons for his existence came to me later.” – Angus

Reason is 400-499 on the scale of consciousness from 0-1000.

Einstein was said to calibrate at 499 on average. He believed there was a God albeit an impersonal God. He would say there is a divine intelligence at play.

I have had brief windows where my consciousness was at 700-800 on the scale of consciousness – currently I’m at 250-300 on average which is a state of general neutrality and acceptance.

When I was at consciousness level 800 for a few weeks in September of 2012 and 2013, this was where God was obvious to me, and I had epiphany after epiphany, and encountered lesson after lesson, and coincidence after coincidence.

I realized my true nature as consciousness and saw that the world was an illusion, I also saw the world in a very compassionate and open way. Every moment had great meaning.

I could average 2 and a half hours of sleep in this state for 2-3 weeks and not even feel tired.

This is because at level 700 there is little energy used and there is an inflow of universal energy.

By the second week at 700, my nervous system was overloaded with heat and my physical body became fatigued. In western medicine, I was considered to be manic and in dire need of medicine and sleep.

If I were in the eastern countries – I would be considered to be having a spiritual awakening.

At the time I needed guidance to integrate a new paradigm.

Because I reached consciousness level 700 quickly, it didn’t last long. For a human this state of self-realization is rare and I didn’t have someone who could guide me through it at the time.

My spiritual awakening was considered pathological because in the west everything that isn’t normal is considered a medical problem.

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