About Angus Baynham-McColl

Angus Baynham-McColl was born on Jan 2nd 1994, and is currently 24 years old.

Angus is from Ottawa Ontario and conducts 6 different types of personal development coaching in Ottawa.

First and foremost Angus is a mentor and personal development coach for men who have Asperger Syndrome which is also known as High Functioning Autism. 

Angus's Interests

Angus Baynham-McColl has a wide range of interests, including coaching other individuals towards success in life. 

Some of Angus’s interests include,

  • Ball Hockey
  • Mentoring
  • Coaching 
  • Philosophy
  • Psychology
  • Spirituality
  • Business
  • Meeting New People
  • Relationships
  • Anything To Do With Personal Development
  • Self-Education

My Journey With Autism & Bipolar

Overcoming Autism

I have Asperger Syndrome and was diagnosed at age 5.

During my grade school years I struggled with bullying and social skills. I also struggled with creativity even though my logic and reasoning was very good. 

In grade 6 I joined the Army Cadet program and set the goal to become the Sergeant Major within 7 years. 

I overcame Asperger’s thanks to my participation in the Army Cadet Program.

Cadets taught me social skills, discipline, how to shoot a rifle, how to do drill, leadership skills, and I learned a lot about how to become successful in cadets. 

After my time in cadets, any sign that I had Asperger syndrome had pretty much vanished. I had excellent social skills and started making many friends at age 17. 

I also took up ball hockey and I owe my social circle to ball hockey. 

I can honestly say that I have risen above Asperger Syndrome and now I’m in a position where I can be a personal development coach and mentor for youth that are looking to find their gifts and rise above their challenges. 

For any man age 16-25 who has Asperger’s, I recommend that you contact me for mentoring. 

Overcoming Bipolar


I have Bipolar Disorder and was diagnosed at age 18. 

During my high school years I was beginning to achieve great amounts of success in my life, and my right brain began to blossom. Suddenly in grade 12/13 I became very energetic and creative.

In 2012 I had my first manic episode and was hospitalized for 2 weeks. I was also prescribed medication.

To make matters worse I got in conflict with the law during my manic episode. 

After I finished cadets in 2012 I didn’t know what was next. I took up competitive ball hockey but I was still lost in life. 

After my arrest in 2013 I was put in the mental health system to get treatment, I was not punished for being charged with harassment. But I was forced to take medication. 

By 2015 I was put on 2 seperate medications as my disorder was becoming more severe. My manic episodes and depressions were becoming the norm. 

In 2016 I managed to remain out of hospital, but in 2017 I switched meds, requiring a hospitalization. 

Now I remain comitted to taking my meds so I can stay level, I also do meditation to overcome my bipolar disorder and remain functional. I’m now able to play my best at ball hockey and excel as a life coach. 

Bipolar Disorder has not gotten the best of me!

I read Rich Dad – Poor Dad  by Robert Kiyosaki back in December of 2015.

The book taught me that you can become rich if you acquire Assets, and eliminate liabilities by making educated financial decisions. 

I learned from this book that the rich don’t work at jobs for their money. The rich usually run their own businesses and invest their money into assets at the same time. 

The traditional route of “getting a job” using a university degree is no longer the way to go.

Wealth comes from rigorous financial education, running your own business, and investing your profits into ASSETS that make you money.

My Desire to Become a Millionaire by Age 35 - And a Billionaire By Age 50!

I want to be rich, make no mistake.

Money buys freedom and happiness, I’m working as a coach because I know the money I can earn from coaching will buy me freedom. 

Money is the key to freedom an happiness. When you have a billion dollars, it means you can do whatever you want. This is why I want to be rich, so I can enjoy the fredom to do as I please. 

I have read 2 books that have inspired me to become rich, the first book is called Think & Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill.  The second book is called Rich Dad – Poor Dad and it’s written by Robert Kiyosaki. 

Think & Grow Rich taught me that poverty is a sin, and that you must fill your mind with knowledge. This book also taught me that you must reinforce your desire for money. If you want any shot at being rich, you must have a BURNING DESIRE to be rich. 

Rich Dad – Poor Dad taught me that working at a job is a mistake. I also learned that financial education is key along with using your wealth to buy ASSETS instead of liabilities. The more assets you accumulate, the more wealthy you become. 

Reaching a net worth of $1,000,000 sounds like a lofty goal, but it breaks down to $2,739.72 per day. If I built this website to have 3,000 members paying almost a dollar a day to access Win & Grin, I would be a millionaire. Currently the website is open to everyone, but once I have more valuable content, Win & Grin will become a membership website. 

Beyond this website I have the opportunity to coach youth age 16-25 that have High Functioning Autism.

My rate for all of my coaching services across the board is the same. I do spiritual coaching, sports performance coaching, success coaching, business coaching, law of attraction coaching, and my mentoring for autistic youth for $50 per hour. 

I also might get a small part time job so I have a bit more money to invest in my coaching business and internet business. 

I read Think & Grow Rich By Napoleon Hill back in January of 2016. 

The book taught me that you can become rich if you set your mind to it, and cultivate burning desire. 

The way to cultivate burning desire is to picture yourself as ALREADY rich. See yourself rich, believe in yourself, and act on opportunity. 

It’s also good to have a mastermind group to share ideas with and hold you accountable. In 2016-2017 I was part of my first mastermind. 

Wealth is all in your MIND & YOU have the power to create it!

A Look at Angus's Interests

Angus's Personal Philosophy

Life is a Dream, and Reality is Subjective

I see life the same away I see a lucid dream.

My true nature is infinite being, I am the being that has always been present with infinity.

I’m not just the body of Angus. The body of Angus along with other bodies is a projection of the infinite dreamer experienced permanently by pure being. 

I’m actually the beingness experiencing infinity. I’m not even consciousness,

I am  that “beingness” because consciousness comes and goes as we are born, as we sleep and as we die.

Being doesn’t require space and time or awareness to exist, it stands on its own. 

There are 3 elements of reality that are most consistent, and they are:

Being (existence)
Consciousness (awareness)

Being just is, infinity is what seems to be doing EVERYTHING that occurs within consciousness. The foundation of the whole universe is being, and being is NOTHINGNESS. Therefore the only thing that is actually real (permanent) is nothing. Now I’m not saying nothingness is a place or state of consciousness where there is nothing going on. What I’m saying is that EVERYTHING going on, is actually NOTHING. 

Nothingness looks like exactly what you are experiencing right now. 

Nothing you have ever experienced is permanent, even your consciousness is impermanent. 

The truth is your being as infinite nothingness is eternal. This being was never born and will never die. It will simply contain infinity for all infinity. 

Anytime you are conscious, you will never be able to pin the finger on “being” also known as the Tao or way. Through meditation you can get closer to Tao by emptying and stilling your mind. But very few people can touch pure being fully, this would involve a death of the ego.

I have had several ego deaths in my life where I came to the following 4 realizations:

  1. I am everything in the dream of life, everyone in the dream is a part of me.

  2.  Nothingness contains and gives rise to EVERYTHING. 

  3. Everything is nothing, as nothing in reality has any substance.

  4. I am NOTHING

Existence and infinity negate themselves. Because everything exists in infinity, the notion of non existance must be intrinsic to everything. In other words we are in an illusion. 

There is only one being, and that is YOU. 

You are everything, yet nothing is actually real therefore you are nothing. 

Matter is 99.9999 percent empty space, with only 0.0001 percent of reality actually manifesting into something.

The universe is a HOLLOWGRAM that doesn’t exist for real. Everything that exists is nothing. 

  • You are always doing nothing because everything that was ever done counts as nothing.

  • Nothing isn’t some black hole, the whole universe is NOTHING. 

Nothing is real, nothing is true, nothing matters, and everything is acceptable. 


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