10 Quotes on the Law of Attraction | By Angus Baynham-McColl

Ten LOA quotes by the mystic Angus Baynham-McColl,


If I could sum up the Law of Attraction in one sentence, it’s as simple as the statement below.

“Feel good and good things happen.”


“It’s not your job to figure out how the biggest dreams and deepest desires of your heart will come true.

Leave the details up to the universe.”


“When you let go of the hows, you will enjoy the wows.”


“When you focus on the nows, you will enjoy the wows.”


“The universe already knows what you want, your job is to simply go with the flow.”


“So let the light guide your way…..hold every memory as you go…..and every road you take…..will always lead you home.”

⁃ See you Again Lyric

This means follow your heart, remember the good times as you go, and know that every path you take will always lead you to your desired life eventually.


“You can do no wrong, we live in a no-fault universe. Mistakes are just detours, you gain lessons from your mistakes that will help you on your journey.”


“Nothing is permanent, and life is cyclical…..the measure of the swing to the right is the measure of the swing to the left. Your life is always moving and loss is equal to gain.”


“The faster you drop resistance, the sooner life will fall into place.”


“Fearless awareness will be the state of mind that allows the beautiful aspects of life to enter your reality.”


Angus Baynham-McColl


Angus Baynham-McColl | 10 Quotes

Today I thought of ten quotes to share.


“The material world means nothing.”


“Reality is a hallucination.”


“Nothing exists outside of perception.”


“We owe our greatest gains to our greatest losses, and our greatest losses to our greatest gains.”


“You are infinity, therefore there is never anywhere to go – nor is there anything to be done.”


“Your true identity is not the body, it’s consciousness.”


“Holding onto happiness and trying to get rid of pain are the two things that bring about suffering.”


“Enlightenment means knowing you don’t actually exist.”


“Synchronicity is evidence that the universe is intelligent.”


“The measure of faith is the measure of success.”


Angus Baynham-McColl

Poker Lessons From Misplaying Pocket Aces

In this article I will discuss how I shot myself in the foot by not playing pocket aces the right away. As you know Aces don’t guarantee victory and I misplayed them losing big time in this hand that I played offline.

Let me tell you about it,

The Context

I’m playing around my 30th hand of the session on Pure Hold-EM at the Masters Table offline. I have been at the table for about 45 minutes.

This is the table I like to practice at because it features 8 players playing no limit Hold-Em.

This is my favorite game, I also like 9 players but 8 is fine.

For this hand, I won’t talk about the suit of the cards because they had ZERO relevance to the process or outcome in this hand. The community cards left no possibility for a flush.


I was second to act next to Marcus Hassan at this table, he folded his hand and I then looked at my cards to see 2 red Aces.

I raised 3X the big blind, but I considered raising only double the big blind because I wanted more takers in this situation. Mistake number one was not being content with making a stronger raise and letting the chips fall where they may which likely would have meant collecting the blinds.

My starting pocket aces were the best pre-flop hand in the game and not wanting to waste it was my mistaken mindset before the flop.

The lesson I reinforce here is,

“Anytime you take the blinds pre-flop, you have succeeded.”

I raise to 60,000 hoping for people to see a flop.

If I made my raise any higher, I would have only got 30,000 in blinds. This is a situation where I look back and wish I raised to 100,000 and took the blinds. If I got paid off at 100K to see a flop, I would have been heads up with another AA, AK, KK, KQ, QQ, JJ, or 10-10.

Everyone without those cards would have folded and I would have had the blinds.

“All folds are your friend, weather it’s you or someone else. You always save chips when you fold, and you always lose risk when someone else folds.”

To my left Kaspar Blonski, Matt Falkner, Alexis Nash, and Jeremiah Clarke each fold. This leaves Tania Reed with $50,000 to call and Nelson Ramirez with 40,000 to call.

They both call.

This is a 3 way pot after the first round of betting.


The flop comes down 5,6,8.

I considered the possibility of a straight right away after seeing a 5-6-8 flop; if I played this hand better I would have applied pressure because I was last to act in this situation.

The smart thing to do here in hindsight would have been to bluff; my definition of a bluff is any bet which is intended to induce a fold. This is true regardless of hand strength.

I had a thought that one opponent had a 7, and since both SB and BB checked; I would have been in position to get called and gain information telling me yes they do have a hand, or at the very best (or least depending on your point of view) induce a fold. If someone has a 7 to make a straight draw possible, my hope is that the turn card is not a 4 or a 9.

After all 3 players in the hand (including myself) check, this was another greed driven mistake on my part.

I should have made a big bet to take a $180,000 pot after the flop, my mistake here for allowing a turn without making my opponents fold.


The turn is a 4.

And the cards are,


Now I see a bet of 60,000 on the table from SB Tania Reed.

Nelson Ramirez on BB makes the call.

At this point I want information, do they have a straight or not?

So I made a massive raise (relative to this table) to $160,000, hoping one (or both) would either fold or basically scream to the table, “I have a straight.”

I wasn’t 100% sure, but my gut was telling me, “one of them has got the nuts.”

Reed folds while Ramirez makes the call confirming my gut feeling.

Pot is now worth $560,000


The river card is a black Ace.

Now this is where I made a really stupid mistake, and I will break it down here.

I have a set of Aces, if the river was a trash card for me instead like a 7, or a 9, I may have folded in the face of any significant bet. I was the last man of the two left in the hand to act.

Ramirez bet only 20,000 acting first after the river.

Now I consider this to be a smart move on his part because he knew I would at least pay to see his cards. But he made the bet as non-threatening as possible. This was the first time he bet in this whole hand.

I began to wonder again if he had a 7 in his hand, after all he was in the BB so maybe he was playing this hand looser and called my first raise with a 7 kicker. Maybe with a queen or a jack but I wasn’t worried thinking about his top card.

One thought that crossed me was that he had A7 which would have given him a straight beating my hand.

However, that means the ace wouldn’t have made any difference to him after the river anyway.

Thinking back,

If he were bluffing, he would have made a much bigger bluff; after I put a big bet in in the pot before the river he must have been able to tell I had a great hand.

The fact that he called a large bet after the turn should have been convincing evidence that he had a straight and that I was beaten. No ace on the river was going to save my ass here.

The right move here would have been to fold, but it wouldn’t have been unreasonable either to make a small raise to get a fold if he had nothing, or just pay $20,000 to see his cards.

The thing is the ace on the river still gave me 3 aces, and in hindsight, I would have simply paid this guy off at the price of one big blind so I could see the cards.

When you look back it’s always 20/20.

I made many mistakes in this hand.

My emotion of desire (wanting the 3 aces to be a winner) got the better of me. I now realize I should have just taken a possible win or loss with 600K in the pot by calling the small bet he made after the river.

Another thing,

Since I was in an irrational frame of mind after getting a set of aces, I would have called an all IN after getting AAA. I was so curious and playing on emotion that I would have paid a lot of chips to see the cards.

He didn’t want to make it obvious to me that he made the straight. He knew the pot was his; he seemed to think if he bet small I would simply bet bigger because it would make me think he didn’t have the nuts. His non-threatening bet size made me think and act on the belief that he didn’t have a straight.

I thought maybe he represented the ace at the end because he made no raises prior to betting here.

I’ll say it again, my emotional mind saw the 3 aces, my logic faded and I now I was greedy and curious, rather than logical and reasonable.

I made a huge bet of 400K putting all the pressure on myself; I wanted to get paid off for my 3 aces even though after the turn I had every reason to believe that Nelson made the straight.

The only thing Nelson had to consider was that I had 7-9 in the pocket to have a better straight. The thing is nobody from second positon plays 7-9 in a high stakes Pure Hold-Em game. The scenario was very unlikely. If you have a straight with no flush showing on the board and no full house possible from the board. You can bring it to the bank that you have the best hand at the table.

Nelson Ramirez calls my 400,000 dollar bet because he knew that in the very remote instance that I had something better then a straight, wouldn’t I have gone all in?

At this point the only thing this guy could have done better was put me ALL IN. If was Ramirez I went All-in.

And then I might have come to my senses and laid down 3 aces. Maybe he didn’t want to put me all in to risk more chips if I had the 9-7 hand.

But I was playing tight all game which makes a 9-7 unlikely, so I don’t know why he didn’t think to put me all In.

He took the pot that was worth 1,380,000 and my stack went down to just over 1.2M.

Nelson Ramirez’s stack went up to 2.17M


Moral of the story, folds are always your friend – the more you can fold opponents the better.


Don’t be greedy.


To your victory,


Angus Baynham-McColl

Why Winners Are Sinners | A Look at the 7 Deadly Sins

All big league winners are big league sinners!

Sinners win while good boys eat shit.

The 7 deadly sins will lead you to victory.

Elite men who wrote the bible made pride the number one sin. Nobody likes to compete with a proud man; the elite want everything for themselves.

The Illuminati want men to be bitches and women to be men.

The 7 Deadly Sins

Pride, Envy, Wrath, Sloth, Greed, Gluttony, and Lust

Committing to the 7 sins will get you to the promised-land.

Let’s take a look at the 7 deadly sins,


A man without pride is a loser.

The elite want society to be made of losers; they want men to be pussies with low testosterone.

Today’s men have no pride.

Proud men have standards.

Without standards, you will fail.

Standards make you earn “fuck you money”, the best women, and victory.

Pride will make you a killer.

When lifting the iron hurts, the proud will do “one more rep” – “one more rep”….ok, “one more rep.”

Women love men with pride.

Everyone knows hot women with options won’t put up with a weak and pathetic man with no pride.

Pride wins championships and makes you prize money.

There is power in knowing you’re the best. When you aren’t the best, you MUST work your ass off to become the best.

The greatest man of our time is Donald Trump.

The next best man I could give that title to is Floyd “Money” Mayweather.

They both have BILLIONS of dollars, fucked many gorgeous women, and one of them became President of the United States.

Men with pride are stronger than men without it.

Be strong and proud my friends.


A friend of mine said; if you are jealous of someone, it’s because you admire them.

He was 100% right.

When you meet a man who’s better than you, the envy and shame for being a lesser person should be motivating. As you win, there will be haters out to dethrone you because they’re envious when they watch you grin.

Just because your girlfriend is hot doesn’t mean there aren’t richer men with hotter girls and nicer cars than you. Envy is what will drive you to become the number one man in the whole world. If you aren’t set on being number one, why bother competing?

I hate finishing second best and saying “good game” or “congrats” to someone who beat me. Losing sucks. The sooner you envy the winner, the harder you will work to become the motherfucking champion.

Learn to hate second place, nobody will remember you unless you are the best of all time.

When you see a man who is better than you, use envy to become ANGRY.


Anger is known as WRATH.

Uncontrolled anger is destructive.

Controlled anger is a gift because it can be used to fuel motivation.

Great men are competitive, they hate losing and they get angry when they lose.

Competitors use anger as fuel and motivation to improve.

Depression is a lowly state of mind; anger is a higher than depression. Angry people take action towards their goals; the depressed doesn’t even have goals to work towards.

If you want to help a depressed person, make them angry. When you piss off a depressed person you are helping them.

A depressed loser just feels bad that life sucks. Most people accept losing, hence the reason they’re losers. When the loser feels anger towards losing, he will have a better chance to become a winner.

You should be motivated to rise to power. You must be ashamed that other men are better than you. You must turn that shame into anger.

Use anger to lift iron with intensity. Don’t listen to those losers who say anger is never justified, they will get nowhere in life.

People call me intense, but I don’t care.

The best music to listen to is angry music, the really heavy stuff.

Angry music will light a fire under your ass; it will make you a killer and you’ll take the glory you desire.

Use anger as motivation; never tolerate losing.

When you lose you must channel your anger towards winning.


Sloth is known as laziness, which is another word for being “efficient.”

Winners work hard, but also smart.

Someone once said, “Give me a lazy person, and they will find an easy way to do a hard job.”

Success comes from doing things the easy way.

Life is supposed to be easy.

Sinners win with ease.

Winners have other people work hard for them; I’m talking about the big powerful business owners who have employees do the work for them.

“Better to make 1% off of 100 peoples efforts, than make 100% off of your own efforts.” –  John Rockefeller

Lazy people make a living doing what they love. Other people would call it “hard work,” but to them it’s just “work.”

Winners get more money than worker drones for a reason, it’s because they do less and accomplish more.


Greedy people desire more.

The greedy never have enough money, sex, or victories.

After a major success, they succeed again.

That’s how you avoid slumps after major accomplishments.

Greedy men are never satisfied. You can be satisfied with victory for a while, but your next opponent is always around the corner.

Losing is not an option.

If you have a million dollars and stop working, you will lose it all.

Only the greedy can sustain success.

Best to constantly be on rapid fire.

Rapid fire means making decisions to win right now. Go to pump iron NOW, write the business plan now. Make deals now.

The universe rewards greedy people who move quickly.

Never be satisfied.


Gluttony sounds like the same thing as greed but it’s not.

Gone wrong gluttony can make you a fat hog that’s addicted to momentary pleasure.

Gluttony is the ADDICTION for more.

Only one good addiction exists.

An addiction to SUCCESS, this requires OBSESSION!

The law of attraction rewards the obsessed; people without obsession never make their dreams come true. They’re not committed enough.

Gluttony is obsession.

A success addict will succeed more than Joe average.

There nothing better than success on full auto.


Lust is the intense desire for sex, money, fame, and power.

Lust is similar to greed and gluttony. Lust is mostly used for sexual reference.

Every winner has a hot girlfriend.

Sex drive is the secret to success. Men who refuse to masturbate while limiting the amount of sex they have will be able to channel their seed into creativity.

Testosterone makes men lustful, and more successful.

“Think and Grow Rich” has a chapter about the transmutation of sexual energy.

Abstaining from sexual acts gives you more sexual energy to use for making a killing.

To sum up the 7 deadly sins, I would say they equal the following,












Angus Baynham-McColl

The Truth about the Law of Attraction | Losers Scroll Down | Winners Read On

I use the word “Law of Attraction” for a reason.

It’s called the law of attraction because only attractive people get rewarded.

God plays favorites, and if you are going to bitch about how life’s unfair you can go fuck yourself.

There is a reason that red hot models on Instagram have millions of followers.

Same reason that all the best asses on social media get hundreds and thousands of likes.

You are either hot or ugly, it’s black and white.

You have to be a hot woman or a rich good looking guy if you want real confidence to get the best from life.

If you don’t have money, you must get money to contend in the world.

To get money you must be attractive.

Confidence never comes before you succeed, only after.

When I was in Army cadets a decade ago, I wasn’t confident until the other cadets in the unit respected me more than everyone.

I got respect as I became the most valuable motherfucker in the entire unit.

Being valuable makes the man.

Having a great appearance that puts everyone to shame makes the man.

High energy makes the man.

Smarts make the man.

Mind, heart, and balls make the man.

A bloody good effort makes the man.

How do I know this?

When I give to other people they reward me.

Years ago I said affirmations and visualized glory, but I barely do that bullshit anymore.

I barley affirm anymore because outer results are far more important than inner game.

Calling yourself “the shit” when your life is “shit” is delusion, and God shits on the deluded.

Results lead to respect from life itself and by people you know.

This generation thinks self-respect is the answer.

Self-respect is attractive and it’s important, but it’s still basic shit.

The way to truly know where you stand is by knowing how much respect people give you and weather they are winners or losers themselves.

Winners get respect from winners.

Losers get respect from losers, like attracts like.

The Law of attraction has nothing to do with pumping yourself with emotions and over-motivating yourself; it’s about embodying attractiveness and allowing the gates open up for you.

Nobody, not even God has unconditional love for you.

The fact is when you sin, you will be punished.

God or nature is not out to get you, life is just a series of causes and effects.

Sin and Karma mean the same thing.

Karma is another word for cause and effect.

If you are a fat ass, it’s because you sinned by eating too much for too long.

The reason you didn’t get laid is because you are fat, which is because you ate like shit, because you had no discipline.

When you add up all your stupid mistakes (sins) life will punish you.

If you lift right for 2-3 years, you will have muscles.

Help a million people = Millionaire Status

The richest people are worth everything; the poorest people are worthless because they are useless.

God doesn’t bless people who pray for something from nothing; God blesses people who work after prayer.

All prayer is meant to inspire faith.

When you have fuck all, faith is what you need most of all.

Faith is the measure of success because faith makes the difference between acting and being lazy.

In business if your product is garbage nobody will buy it; its garbage because nobody bought it.

The most attractive thing for the consumer is a better emotional state.

People want to feel better.

As a businessman you must sell emotions.

Appeal to incentive.

That’s what marketing is.

An entrepreneur who appeals to incentives will be rich.

People have always been, and will always be incentive driven.

Sex sells,

This is why some hot rocket with 1M followers on Instagram gets DM’s from millionaire men asking for sex, and then she fucks him for an easy fifty grand in one night.

Money makes shit happen; and people don’t want to admit it.

When you have money, you are the man, when you don’t, you can shove it.

Rich is hot, poor is ugly.

God doesn’t reward poor.

If you are poor – God hates your guts.

The thing is God will go out of his way to make the rich richer.

The poor have to believe in themselves and fend for themselves because God doesn’t want to help a loser.

You can fight your way out of hell, but the deeper in hell you go, the harder your fight will be. The less God loves you, the uglier your life gets, and the uglier your life gets, the more God will forsake you.

If you ask why God has forsaken you, he will leave you to dust.

Now remember, you are a God.

And the only sin that can’t be redeemed is unbelief.

So if you quit, you are fucked.

The universe hates quitters and empowers winners.

Understand what makes a winner attractive, go out and copy, and you will become a winner, you will have what a winner has.

If you have nothing, find the truth and you will discover redemption.


To your victory,


Angus Baynham-McColl

The Power of Positive Bullshit | Why It Pays to be Scared Instead

Most gurus preach positive thinking a.k.a wishful thinking.

Big mistake

Wishful Thinking is a Recipe for Depression

People who expect good fortune rarely have it.

So what should you do?

The exact opposite my friend, visualize the negatives.

Imagine life without your legs and being stuck in a wheelchair till the day you die?

What if you’re flat broke and know you will die poor?

And what if your whole family died leaving you with nobody?

It takes courage to imagine the worst possible scenarios without worrying about them.

I bet you’re a coward that doesn’t have the mental toughness to hold such awful pictures in your mind.

I bet you take everything for granted.

Right now I’m telling you to stop being a bitch and realize you have more than most people.

What do you cherish right now?

The answer is not much, but you can save yourself from this mistake by imagining losing what you already have.

That’s how you will realize how much you have.

Remember that nothing you have is yours forever, you own fuck all.

You’re not entitled to anything.

Life is not permanent.

One day you will be dead.

And years later your legacy will fade.

Everything you value today is in transition, all the stuff you have built up will be swept away someday.

Nothing lasts.

When I was 10 my Dad told me “anyone can drop dead at any moment.”

I took that to heart and wanted to make the most of every day I was able to spend with him.

3 weeks later he actually dropped dead as we were about to have a Thursday night meal together, and I realized that day anything can happen.

It can happen to you too.

I remained grateful for what I still had after my Dad passed on.

My family was still alive, and I was still happy to be alive.

I still had food on the table.

At age 19 my sight got a bit worse leaving me with anxiety because I thought I was slowly going blind.

Later on my vision stabilized and I was grateful to still play hockey without my glasses.

Now I don’t take sight for granted.

The greats take nothing for granted.

Hope prevents you from being happy because it removes you from gratitude.

The grass isn’t greener somewhere else, it’s green enough right fucking here….for today anyway.

Fear is better than hope, the scared person is still grateful for what they have because they don’t take it for granted.

Being scared to lose makes you work harder than hoping to win.

The hopeful man is a dreamer; the fearful man is a doer because he fears the pain of regret.

Hope of gain is the result of being unhappy with what you have, it’s the fear of not being successful that really drives a man to be great.

Fear will always be the most powerful motivating force in the world; hope is far weaker than fear.

I look to the future with cautious optimism, but one event can change that future forever.

Maybe I die, maybe I get hurt.

So stay humble.

It could all be over today.

My dreams may not come true.

Even if they don’t, I still have what I have.

I will work my fucking ass off so I can win and grin.

Remember the pain of regret so that you don’t waste another day of your life.


To your victory!


Angus Baynham-McColl