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Becoming a Millionaire By Age 35 (Jan 2 2029)

I intend to become a millionaire by age 35!

I want to have a milion dollars for the freedom that money provides, as well as the sense of achivement that you get from earning it. 

RIght now my ideal target is to hit $260 in earnings for passive income each day, I want to earn this much because it equals $100K. With 100K I would still be working towards a million dollars, my target for reaching 100K is 2022, this will leave me 7 years to become a millionaire. 

I would do the following with 100K,

Spend 33K (this means I would live an abundant life with $100 in spending money per day. This spending money would include regular expenses outside of my bills. 

Spend 33K on bills, the bills would include housing, food, phone and transportation. 

The last part here is the most important part of all, I would spend the remaining 34K on INVESTMENTS and BUSINESS.

When I have 100K I will get into the stock market after spening rigerous amounts of time educating myself on how to buy low and sell high. Thats all there is to the stock market. Buy low – Sell high. 

By the end of 2023 I will have 200K and 133K to put into business. 

By 2026 I will have 500K and put 433K into ASSETS.

By 2029 I will have $1,000,000 because I put all my excess money into assets. 

A Day In The Life of Millionaire Angus

I wake up at 5 AM and go for a morning walk in a suburban neighborhood while living in a home that is easily affordable. I paid 400K for the house and my mortgage is cheap by my standards. It gets taken out of my bank account every month and I never have to worry because the money is always there. 

By 5:30 I walk around the neighborhood and listen to my favorite music at the time and celebrate the abundance that I possess. I feel grateful with every step I take, I stop to take in the beauty of the neighborhood. The day of the week is Monday and it’s a nice summer day out. All my money is made in passive income with the exception of my public speeches and my coaching practice. As I walk I realize I have a ball hockey game tonight. I expect to have a good game because my personal trainer has kept me in amazing shape for the season. I have been training really hard at my strength and cardio and I’m on the first line of my team. I’m getting up there in age, but I’m still a good player, in fact I’m playing some of the best hockey of my life. I walk for 10 minutes and think about that. It’s June and the season is 10 games old, I have 7 goals and 5 assists and my team is 8-2-0.

I’m off to the gym for 7 AM to see my personal trainer, and we workout lightly because it’s game day. I have the money to hire a personal trainer 7 days a week and pay $3,000 a month for his services. From 7-8 AM we do some HIIT and light weightlifting and discuss what I’m going to get at the grocery store today. I do my groceries once a week and after my session at the Gym, I walked to Whole Foods. I love the fact that I can shop quickly because I don’t have to consider the price of what I want to eat. If I like something, cost will not be a factor. One of the reasons I have a million dollars is so I can shop without looking at the price tags. At whole foods I bought eggs, steaks, and salads. I also got the best coffee money can buy. My list involves some other basic necessities as well. 

I get home by uber and put my groceries away, then from 11-1 I do a 120 minute meditation in the backyard.  I know that this will help me focus for my game at 5 tonight. The meditation is nothing complicated, I will sit up, legs crossed, and do absolutely nothing. In the meditation I felt like I was in my meditative state for 10 minutes, then the timer goes off and I think to myself “wow, that was 2 hours?” After I look back at the period where I was in bliss, it feels like I was in meditation for less than a minute. In this meditation I became one with the universe and then realized, I’m always one with the universe. 

Since I have a million dollars coming in every year and increasing every year, I have the opportunity to better myself by mediation and fitness, my body is really my temple. I can eat like a king and meditate like a God!

Between 1-2 I go for another walk of gratitude and I’m just so in awe of how great my life is! I turn to my Pay Pal app and see that I have made $3,263.36 US since I got up in the morning. Money just keeps pouring in and I know that I will never have to worry about another dime so long as I live. 

From 2-4 I eat my pregame meal and have a nap, I want to feel amazing for my game with the Ottawa Knights. 

I get to the game at 4:30 and meet with my teammates, and exchange some laughs, we are facing the second place team in the division today,  and  my old buddy Luke who has his own million dollar business. It’s a showdown between Bud Busters and Knights. The teams battle into the last minute of play tied at 5! None other than Angus the man himself scores the game winner as the Knights win 6-5 in regulation time. 

I get home after hanging out with my friends at about 8:30 and I look at my app and I made $1,547.06 while I played against the Bud Busters. 

When I get home I meditate for 30 minutes and then I go to bed at 9 PM.

What a great day to be a millionaire!

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