The Most Hopeless Situation

The Most Hopeless Situation I’ve Encountered as a Man

In 2010 when I was 16 years old, I met a very attractive woman in my apartment building that was also the exact same age as I was. She went to a different high school but we lived in the same building.

For me, it was a love at first sight situation, this woman was very beautiful and I quickly put her on a pedestal and made her out to be the best woman in the whole world. Read More

When Feeling Resistance – Do Nothing

I need to meditate more and visualize more.
Right now I have a lot of inner resistance and I’m in a state where I’m lacking belief because I’m in such a dark place mentally.

All affirmations of faith are not translating into subconscious feelings – it’s like I’m hitting a brick wall because I’m feeling negative. Read More

Why I Want to Learn Game

I want to learn game because, I have always had subpar results with woman and have recently let go of an 8 year battle against ONE-ITIS. I loved beyond the point of hurt and realized “fuck it, I’m letting go.” I let go of this woman because I came to the realization that I must… Read More

The Spectrum of Wisdom is Round

The acts of the highest wisdom often appear the most foolish because higher wisdom is counterintuitive, while regular wisdom is 180 degrees opposite of both the most foolish and the great sages.

True foolishness is both 90 degrees from conventional wisdom and higher wisdom. Read More

Practicing Unwavering Self-Acceptance

Practicing Unwavering Self-Acceptance

When you start to offer your gifts to humanity, the universe will resist your efforts to see how serious you are about helping humanity.

I thought my self-acceptance and frame was solid and that all I had to do was persist and everything would work out well.

But no, Read More

The Divine Hat-Trick

In order to be well off in your mindset you need 3 things, • Faith in the future • Love of the present • Acceptance of the past Faith, love and acceptance are the 3 things that operate the Law of Attraction to manifest a great life. The measure of faith is the measure of… Read More

About Angus Baynham-McColl

Angus Baynham-McColl is the author of Win and Grin – The Website For Winners! Angus was born in 1994 and some of his hobbies include hockey, self-education, personal development, working out and spending time with his friends. Angus’s website is meant to be a personal journal of his journey, the victories, the defeats and everything… Read More

I’m Turning My Life Around

I’m turning my life around, 1 day at a time. It starts with being honest, transparent, and vulnerable. In order to become the worlds best law of attraction coach, I have to walk the walk and apply myself better in the area of law of attraction. I have what it takes to do great things… Read More