10 Reasons Every Man Should Play a Sport

10 Reasons Every Man Should Play a Sport Camaraderie I owe most of my friendships with other men to Ball Hockey. It’s also fair to say that Ball Hockey is the foundation of my friendships with my buddies. When you play together, win together and lose together as well as learn and grow together you… Read More

The Power of Self-Amplifying Feedback Loops (SAFLs)

The Power of Self-Amplifying Feedback Loops (SAFLs) “The rich get richer and the poor get poorer.” Why? Because of Self-Amplifying Feedback Loops (SAFLs) What is a SAFL? A SAFL is a term used to describe a feedback loop where you either have positive or negative momentum. A positive SAFL means you have great momentum in… Read More

18 Reasons I’m Hitting The Gym Daily

Today I worked out for the 18th time in 17 days – without further delay, here are 18 reasons why! The Gym Builds Character When you hit the gym your level of self-discipline increases and you feel better about yourself, the gym is a great way to build character and become a real man! The… Read More


Lately I’ve had a hell of a lot of momentum. You can call momentum “big-mo” if you want. I’ve done 13 workouts in 13 days. Tomorrow I will break a personal record when I go to the gym for the 14th time in 14 days! That’s big time momentum! And that momentum will bleed out… Read More

“Overtraining” is Just an Excuse to be Lazy

I’m off to the gym for the 6th straight day and working on my upper body, abs and forearms for the 5th straight day! No excuses! Some losers may say, “Angus you’re overtraining.” I call BULL SHIT! “Overtraining” was a term invented by lazy losers who haven’t gone anywhere. After my first day of the… Read More